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"To Live Your Best Life, You Must First Become A Leader Within Yourself. Take Charge Of Your Life, Begin Attracting And Manifesting All That You Desire "

I have so much inside, thoughts are constantly racing through my mind. From just a little girl I’ve always been told I was very creative! So I wanted a platform to share it all. Notjustaprettiface.com is a lifestyle blog where I share All Things Cheri. From working hard every day to become a better person than I was yesterday, to learning how to survive this thing called life – all while raising my son. Here at Notjustaprettiface.com I also share everything I learn as I work hard to grow my online presence. I put this website together all on my own, with no experience and thanks to you it’s growing every day. Thanks so much for being here! Now that you are, Stay awhile
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