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17 Second Manifestation

"You'll Be Surprised How You Have The Power To Change Your Own Life With Just 17 Seconds A Day"

Speak all the things you want out of life into reality, all you need is 17 seconds. If someone told you that would you believe them? Or would you find it silly? If you are anything like me you get on Google or Swagbucks and research all there is to know. You research and research until your brain is over loaded with information. It can be very rewarding in the end. Whatever it takes to get the mind going I’m ready to take on.
These are the things they don’t teach you in high school or college so you must educate yourself.
I used to love reading, and recently I’ve started back. I learn new things with every article, book and or story I read. My 2018 reading list is almost complete. At this point in my life I want learn all that I can. I would like to make this happen, minus the student loan debt. I’ve decided to pretty much teach myself. Lately I have been reading up on The Laws of Attraction. I find it interesting in so many different ways, but mainly how its in sync and goes hand in hand with having faith. They both teach you to believe and then once you believe you achieve.
I want you guys to watch this video. Actually, listen to her words, even if you must play it back. I found this video on YouTube! Jordan Cheyenne is one of my favorite YouTubers. Her channel is fun, motivating and encouraging. She is a young mom of a little boy. Jordan speaks on The Laws Of Attraction, positive thinking and how you can manifest anything into your life. This video she speaks on her personal experience with The Laws Of Attraction and how it changed her life for the better. I’ve watched her for a very long time. So Unlike a lot of YouTubers, I do believe she’s genuine and comes with real stories because we can all see the change.
To manifest things into your life is a process of bringing your thoughts into actual existence, into your physical world. The things you focus more on in your life becomes your reality. If you want more money, stop saying things like “I’m always broke” because you will always be broke. Instead put that energy into ways you can grow and scale the money you do have and change your situation. See yourself having more money, feel it, believe it and realize it.
Abraham-Hicks talks about the 17 second rule. Some may know it as the 17 second pause in America or 17 seconds of silence, I may have even heard the 17 second miracle. All having slightly different meanings with the 17 seconds being the common denominator. All you do is take 17 seconds of each day (I close my eyes) and visualize yourself reaching all of your goals an accomplishing everything you can possible in life. I’m talking specifics! For example, during these 17 seconds say you want to open your own accounting firm, visualize yourself in the actual office or your office at home. What outfit will you have on? What kind of car are you driving? How will your office be decorated? It’s good to be specific because then you know exactly what you’re working towards. The reason why it’s so important to do it every day because it’s human nature that if we see something consistently we are more likely to make it happen.
Tell me what are some of the things you tell yourself to remain motivated? How do you encourage yourself? Whats your own experience with the 17 Second Rule?


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  • Avatar


    This make a lot of sense to me. I am a student of the LOA but haven’t heard of the 17 second phrase before.

    Definitely going to focus more on my feelings and details when I do my morning visualization.

    Interesting how we expect our visualization to manifest quickly. Or at least I do. But as Jordon said in the video, she’s been working at it for 4 years. That is NOT instant! That is actually more motivating to hear it took her a while, but she did it!

    • Cheri


      Hi Tanya! Glad you liked it! The 17 second rule was new to me as well. I happen to find it interesting! Let me know how it goes for you! 🙃😄

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