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2020 Is The Year For Micro-influencers On Instagram

"Micro-influencers Will Win In Year 2020. There's Just No Way We Can't"

With so many people on Instagram both brands and influencers, the amount of opportunities for micro influencers are endless. By the end of 2020 Instagram is expected to expand by 26.2 million new users.
The influencer community on Instagram is so saturated, but depends on who you ask that can be a great thing.
I grew my following from 800 to almost 4k (still growing) in no time. It took work – yes! But with a consistent flow it can be done. My first paid collaboration was only at 1500 followers.
I knew I wanted to monetize my Instagram, so I started using relevant hashtags when I post. Started taking better pictures and in no time landed my first paid #collaboration.
Working as a micro influencer is a perfect side hustle if you are a working mother. Incase you missed it, in my last post I give you 7 side hustle ideas perfect for the working mother.
2020 is the year for all influencers to shine. Especially micro influencers because we are being noticed by brands more than we ever have before.
With so many new businesses starting each and every day. These entrepreneurs and companies need their products and services to sell. They know they must market their products and services and some just don’t have it in the budget to work with expensive marketing firms.
So that’s where you come in!
Think of all the new business ventures that start each year, do you smell the opportunity yet? I most definitely can.

What if I don't have lots of followers?

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a large following. A close friend of mine was able to work with Nike at only 900 following. She pitched to Nike and they wrote her back in two weeks.
So this tells me and should tell you that brands don’t look at the amount of people following you. They look at your engagement. So get your engagement rate up. That should be your main focus.
Once you can produce great content and have a genuine audience, brands will slide in your DM’s in no time. I prefer an email, but I’ve even closed brand deals that started in my DM’s.
Don’t let following size discourage you. Growing your following takes time. Well growing a real authentic following takes time. So having patience is a must!
Sure you can go buy followers and you can even buy likes, from what I hear. But you can’t buy real true engagement. (unless its something out there I don’t know about)

What if I don't have a $700 Fancy Camera?

Who told you that you needed a $700 camera?
That’s a little insane. If you are just starting out you do not need a $700 camera. I think in the beginning you won’t even know how to function a $700 camera. Unless you are camera savvy. In the beginning I wouldn’t know what to do with a $700 camera.
I started off by using my Android phone. When I decided I wanted to take my instagram serious, I took every picture with my Android phone. So don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do the same.
There are so many apps that can be used to get that professional look. Lightroom, Facetune 2 and VSCO are three that I use.
Eventually, I was able to save money and I purchased a camera off amazon. It’s a great starter camera, very user friendly and it was affordable.
See, it’s just levels that’s all. You gotta crawl before you walk.
All you need to start is a good camera, rather it be your smartphone or not. You also need good light. I did an entire post on a DIY Ring Light . I show you how to make your own ring light, step by step (pictures included)

Today's Take Away

I want you to be more confident as you start your journey as a micro influencer. Don’t be fooled by vanity metrics such as likes and followers. I want you to stop comparing yourself to other influencers. Stop content watching and start creating. You won’t know what you can deliver until you start. You won’t know how to better yourself until you start.
Go ahead and put your plan in motion and start today!
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