3 Books All Children Should Read Before They’re 14

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"Children Are Made Readers On The Laps Of Their Parents"

Some kids loooooove to read—you ever come across that child that always has a book in his or her hands?
Yea, well…….this type of child does not exist in my home. My son does not like reading and when I look back at my childhood – I didn’t like to read either.
As a mother I have the hardest time motivating my son to read. Math is more of his thing and he does it with no problem. But getting him to pick up a book and just read it on his own is next to impossible. C’mon mamas tell me I’m not alone in this……….
Now that I’m older I realize the importance of reading. It exercises the brain and opens you up to a new world. Through reading, children learn about people, places and events outside their own experience. They are exposed to different ways of life, ideas and beliefs about the world which may be different from those which surround them.
As a child reading was not my favorite subject. If and when I did decide to read, my preference was a good book that gave value. So it’s only right I pass my newly found passion for reading down to my very own son. Hoping he can learn to love reading just as much as I did.
I find that reading with your children motivates them to read. I read with my son, then he reads to me and we continue the rotation. The book selection also has a lot to do with motivating your children to read. So mama’s choose wisely!
3 Books Your Child Should Read Before Age 14
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1. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – Written By Robert Kiyosaki
This is the perfect book for the growing child who loves to spend money. I always encourage parents to have serious conversations with their children about money. Click here to read the reasons why. Especially the ones not quite old enough to get a job, like mine!
This book teaches the basic principles of building wealth. It will teach your child how to think of ways they can create their own wealth. It teaches them how to have the right mindset to do anything in life you wish to do. Written by Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a book focused strongly on financial literacy. And yes, even at a young age children should start hearing these words and getting familiar with them. This book gives lots of value to children and reviews topics that are not taught in school.
This book tells the story of a poor dad, who was Robert Kiyosaki’s dad and rich dad who was poor dad’s best friend. Both being very clever men their views on life is what made them different. Poor dad lived an average life, but don’t get me wrong he was highly educated with a PH.D., and worked a 9 to 5. Poor dad believed in doing all of the things you were told to do when were young. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job etc……
Rich dad had different beliefs. He moved differently. Rich dad didn’t make it through school, but he was very independent and well off. Rich dad always talked about money and ran many businesses.
At the age of 9 Robert decided to follow in the steps of Rich Dad, and take in all of his advice about wealth.
2. “I Am” – Written By –Travis Perry
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“I Am” was such a fun an encouraging book. It talked about one of my favorite topics in the whole wide world- affirmations. If you missed the post I did on Affirmations To Upgrade Your Life, click here to catch up now.
Triston the dinosaur recited affirmations that helped him get through just about anything. He used “I AM” affirmations to boost his confidence and gave him the mindset that he could do any an everything he put his mind to.
Children need to know that they hold the power to create a positive day. We as parents also need to encourage our children at all times. Just as Triston’s parents encouraged him on his first day at his new school.
“You will have a great day” this is what his mother said to him as he made his way into his new school. This was confirmation for Triston to – make it a great day, no matter what! He also had the love and support from his parents which made him feel even better. Triston walked into his new school with his head held high and said
“I will have a great day”
“I AM loved”
“I AM brave”
This is an affirmation I use with my son. He literally has the 5 word affirmation hung up in his room. My thought process is
“I AM a good child”
He says – he is a good child, He believes – he is a good child, he goes to school and makes good decisions.
The less phone calls I get from his teachers! Seems pretty logical to me.
Affirmations For Children
Write them down and have your child say them everyday.
“I AM loved”
“I AM brave”
“I AM kind”
“I AM a great friend”
“I AM smart”
“I AM the best”
3. The Skin You Live In – By Michael Tyler
This book talks about social acceptance to young readers. In my opinion it’s aimed more towards the advanced reader as it uses many complex words. DaShawn and I made a list of all words that were new to us, as we read. This way we can look up the definitions at a later time. The book was beautifully written and told a great story that children can relate to.
My favorite part of the book discussed how people’s differences were celebrated. It addressed topics that our children are faced with each and every day. Such as being different and why it’s okay to be different. It also taught why you should embrace others who don’t look like you. Teaching your children at a young age about race and diversity is so important. It will help them to become better people as they grow older. This book offers value and life lessons to your child. I recommend every child read this book, especially in these times we live in today.
Does your child like to read? How do you motivate your child to read? What are some books you recommended? Tell me in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “3 Books All Children Should Read Before They’re 14”

  1. These suggestions are great! Affirmations for kids are much needed. And financial literacy is a must for pre-teens and teens so they can understand at a young age how credit works

  2. Love this list! My boy is 11 and a voracious reader, but hasn’t read any of these. He is stuck in fantasy and ya lol. I know he would get a lot out or Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Adding all of these to our library list!

  3. I only know the first one, Rich Dad, Poor Dad but I have to congratulate you for this post!
    It is wonderful to see that some people still care enough about educating their kids to life, dedicated to helping them learn how to be happier by encouraging them to become critical thinkers.

    1. Hi Carla. I so agree. I know it’s rare to hear now a days but I am the parent that is always looking for ways for my son to be productive. From the age he is now up to an adult. Books are the best way to spread the knowledge.

  4. I would love to read I Am to my kids. I have heard that the more often we tell our children: “you’re lazy,” the more lazy they will be. That’s why it’s important to remind them that they are brave. beautiful and can do anything they put their mind to.

    1. Hello Marina!

      It really is a good book. So encouraging for little children. They even need the right mindset, juts like us adults!

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