4 Powerful Instagram Tips For Businesses

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Instagram Tips for businesses
Ready to use Instagram for business the right way? Do you see your competitors small businesses killin’ it on Instagram and now it has you wondering what you’re doing wrong?
Truth is, you’re probably doing the right things, you just need a little guidance.
It can be hard for small businesses to stand out on Instagram. My mission is to teach you that marketing is the most important system in every business. As long as you have a solid Instagram strategy for your business you will see RESULTS.
Double Your Profit With These 5 Tips on INSTAGRAM TIPS FOR BUSINESSES Video

1. Brand Your Content Like A Pro

I understand you can’t afford branding just yet. It can be quite expensive, I know. If you have it in your budget, please invest.
But many of you don’t. And that’s okay. Here is what you should do instead.
Think of your Instagram content as your brick and mortar location. It’s the storefront for your products and services. It’s what your viewers see before they decide to spend their money with you. Shouldn’t it be tip top sharp?
If your display is tacky, or hard to understand, or all over the place nobody will make it past stage 1. They will go on to the next.
People want simplicity and clarity, and they want it fast.
If branding is not in your current budget. DIY it. Visit www.canva.com pick 3-5 colors that represent your brand. Then pick 2 fonts. Each time you create content use these fonts and colors. Inside Canva you’ll find many resources that can assist you when it comes to branding your Instagram content.

2. Create Relatable Content

What exactly is relatable content?
social media manager savannah
I get this question all the time.
Have you ever laughed or cried when you saw an Instagram post? Or maybe there was a particular post that made you angry. That’s relatable content. It’s any type of content that strikes an emotion. It made you happy, or even angry.
The more you can relate to people through content the better for your engagement rate. So, create content that people cannot help but click through, share, or engage with.
The more people can relate to your content the more they will engage with your content.

3. Include Closed Captions On Your Videos

Most people on the Instagram app are scrolling with the sound off. If you want to increase the chances of your viewers watching your videos from start to finish, include captions when you speak.
Something you say might stand out and make the viewers want to increase the volume to hear more. You can add closed captions to your Instagram stories, reels and even IG TV. You can also use a third party app. Here is a list of a few good ones to get you started.

4. Instagram Roadmap (FREE download)

Growing a small business on Instagram can be time consuming and hard to keep up with. You spend most of your time running a business and thinking of new ideas. Your Instagram marketing is probably not a priority.
My FREE Instagram Roadmap will help you gain clarity when it comes to your role as a small business owner on Instagram. You can create bomb ass content, just like your competitors. You got this. I am rooting for you!


Instagram can be the greatest tool in the world for marketing your small business but only if done right. Creating a tailored Instagram strategy for your small business along with these tips will put you on the right track. Don’t forget to grab a FREE copy of my Instagram Roadmap on your way out.
If you are tired of spending hours on the perfect photo to post or editing a video? It’s time to delegate all of your social media tasks and get back to business. Let’s work together.
Goodbye to those days of not knowing what to post. You started your business to serve others. Well I’m in the business to serve YOU. Let’s work

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