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4 Unanswered Questions – Netflix Newest Movie Bird Box

"So If They Had Died Before Making It To The Safe Community What Would Their Obituaries Say? Boy And Girl"

I love a good Netflix movie, but let’s be honest lately the movie selections have not been the best. At least not the ones that appear on my account. Even the movies that have a 90 plus rating may start off strong but fade about half way in. Well Netflix newest movie Bird Box was just the opposite.
Last night at 11:00 PM I just couldn’t fall asleep, my body was tired but I wasn’t ready for sleep. So I said I’d watch a Netflix movie until I fall asleep. At the same time I log onto my Facebook and my news feed is flooded with post about Bird Box. Not only that but it was the first movie that popped up once I logged into my Netflix account. So yea, that was a sign for me to watch it. I usually look at trailers, read reviews and everything else. But this time I just hit PLAY.
Bird Box Movie Review
Bird Box Movie Review
For those who hadn’t seen it Bird Box is a suspenseful/thriller movie. I’m not sure why some are calling it scary. Let me put an end to that and say Bird Box is not a scary movie.
Let’s take a second to talk about all the actors in this movie. Because this movie had some of everybody. Sandra Bullock is the leading lady. Okay, me and Sandra go way back any movie she touches is gold. That is not up for debate. After all these years I thought Sarah Paulson was Ms. Honeybee from the movie Matilda. Well I found out uhmmmm maybe 8 years later that wasn’t true. Sarah does star in American Horror Story and The People Vs. OJ. She is such a great actress. John Malkovich who starred in Deepwater Horizon. He was the BP representative who swore the rig was running just fine, and then it exploded. I can never stop laughing at Lil Rel Howery. He starred in movies Get Out & Mad Families, both good movies. He also stars in a new t.v show that comes on fox with one of my favorite comedians Jess Hilarious. Don’t forget about George Huang who stars in Law & Order SVU. Oh Yea & hey Machine Gun Kelly, we see you too!
Overall this was a good movie. It reminded me of the movie The Quiet Place and the t.v show The Rain. If you like world ending type movies you will love Bird Box. If that’s not your thing, you may not like it.
Sandra Bullock who plays as Malorie in the movie had two jobs—- to protect boy and girl and to make sure the three of them stayed blindfolded as they crossed the river to get to a safe community. Then the movie went back 5 years earlier.
Now this isn’t your typical end of the world movie. It had a twist. It kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what’s gonna happen next. It was not predictable at all. But I was left with many unanswered questions, so there must be a part two!
4 Questions I Need Answers To
1. What Was It That The Possessed People Saw?
Malorie and her sister Jessica were in the car driving home and Jessica saw something that made her wreck the car. She said “do you see that what the f*** is that”? She had this look in her eyes as she purposely walked into a speeding truck and died.
2. How Did The Birds Survive The Rapids?
Girl was responsible for the birds, well the rapids washed her up shore so how did the birds survive, how did the birds not get wet and drown?
3. Why Did Malorie Leave The Kids Unnamed For 5 Years?
She spoke about her attachment issues she thought she may face after having her son. She was worried she wouldn’t love her son, because she never met him. Well she referred to the kids as Boy and Girl the entire movie, up until the end. So if they had died before making it to the safe community what would their obituaries say? Boy and Girl?
4. What Happen To The Couple That Took Off In The Car?
Did they make it? Did they die? How far did they really get?
Can you think of any other questions? Did you enjoy the movie, or no? What was your favorite part?

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    1. Maybe each person saw something from their individual life that they thought were beautiful.
    2. The birds can only see light?
    3. Malorie never thought that any of them would live ,so as the years went by she just never thought about naming them.
    4. They eventually got out of the car without their blindfolds on…..and you know the rest of the story.

    I think Malorie sister had eye contact with that guy in the car before she flipped out.

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