4 Ways To Have The Best Summer

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"High Tides And Good Vibes. I Dream Of Summers That Last Forever"

Feels Like Summer
Summer is my favorite time of the year! There’s so many fun things to do. Here in Savannah GA the weather is scorching hot one day, maybe not so hot the next day……..then it rains.
Either way the weather is great for enjoying just about any and all activities (especially if it includes lots of water). Everyone just seems like they are happier in the summertime and that’s what makes it feel like summer. We grill just about everyday and then head to the pool. During the summer months my goal with my son is to keep him as busy as possible. He has tons of energy to burn.
Here are 4 ways to have the best summer possible so that you can make the most of these short months
& I stress “short months” because yes they go by so quick. So make them count!
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Schedule Out Your Time
When I tell you to schedule out your time, I do not mean to clear your schedule to do more (we’ll talk about this in just a minute) – I just mean schedule out your time so that you do the things you want. It can be hard to squeeze everything that you want to do and everyone that you want to see into a few short months, but it’s a lot easier when you write it all down. This way, you can do more of what you want, less of what you do not want, and you won’t ever get flustered with what you are doing tomorrow or next week.
Do Less
You work so hard during the year, summer is your time to relax, drink some margaritas and just slow down, and take it easy. If you work nonstop all year round, you will likely become burnt out. Not only is this not a great feeling, but it can actually also make you less productive when you do decide to get some work done, trust me I know! Make sure to schedule time for yourself to just relax and recuperate so that when you do work, you will have the motivation and energy that you need. Instead of bringing work home with you, leave it at the office and spend your afternoon doing something leisurely such as catching up with friends or going to the gym (outside workouts are the best during the summertime) or even just lay in a lawn chair in your backyard and catch up on your favorite book . Relaxation is so important to stay happy and healthy mentally and physically! You will thank me later 🙂
Make Some Extra Cash
Summer is a time where you are more than likely spending more money than usual (summer + Christmas time always get me!), so it’s never a bad thing to find a few ways to make some extra money. During my trip to Atlanta this past weekend I was introduced to a quick way to get a few extra dollars. There is a company that can help you make some extra cash and it is called Chapes-JPL. Chapes-JPL was established in 1980 as an alternative to banks and traditional pawnbrokers. They provide low-interest loans on gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches, and other valuable assets. Their private and upscale office in Atlanta, Georgia (Buckhead) services over 18,000 customers nationwide. They loan strictly on collateral and do not require credit checks, tax returns, job verification’s, or personal references, so they make the process smooth. You have two options for getting extra cash: you could either get a collateral loan (low-interest and short-term), or you could sell your valuables to them if you do not use them anymore.
And just think about how much old jewelry you own just sitting around?
If you need a fast and easy way to get some extra cash this summer , call Chapes-JPL for a low-interest jewelry loan because they make the loaning process straightforward, comprehensible, and gimmick-free.
There are plenty of other ways to make extra cash. I put together a list of some fun things you can do to start making extra money today! Make sure you take notes when you read 🙂
Also I’m not sure if you heard but, Amazon actually just recently (within the past year) released their grocery delivery service as well, its called Prime Now. This could be a great option to make some extra cash, especially since you can just drop the bags and go.
Enjoy The Sun
If you ask anyone to tell you the words that come to mind when they think of summer, “sun” would most likely be one of the first words they mention. There’s just so many ways to enjoy the sun, start by going out for a walk or even a jog (I love exercising in the sun because you sweat more) visiting the pool, catching up on yard work or playing sports with your family and friends.
What are your favorite activities to do during the summer? Do you spend lots of time with family? Do you and your family go on any summer trips? Do you like to stay busy during the summer or relax?

11 thoughts on “4 Ways To Have The Best Summer”

  1. Great ideas! I know I need to more with scheduling out my time during the summer to be most productive and make the most of these few short months:)

  2. Loved this article on things to do in the summer especially about doing some side-hustles! My sister is a full-time Uber drive in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and just loves it!

    1. Hey Beth! Yes bringing in that extra cash, always a productive thing to do during the summer months. I have many friends who ride for uber and or lyft, not my thing……but it works for them and people are making some serious cash with these ride sharing companies. Thank you!

  3. Summer is my favorite season. I’m all about the casualness of shorts and a tee shirt and manning the grill. I am content with doing less. I also like to squeeze in a vacation and some weekend staycations, but as you pointed out, that takes money. These are some interesting tips! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      You got that right. A good vacay isn’t cheap! Summer is obviously everyone’s favorite. Everything is always fun in the sun!

  4. Thanks for these ideas! I just started to plan my trip to Hungary. Currently, I am living in England, but I am from Hungary and my family is still there. And the summer is there too. 😀

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