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4 Ways To Start Being A Better You Today

"You Mature & Then You Realize There Is Always Room For Growth & Self-Improvement, Even If You Are Already Fabulous"

If life came with a rewind button, would you use it? If life came with a fast-forward button, would you use it? It sounded good for a second, didn’t it? Truth is life comes with neither. And unfortunately, we live to make mistakes. Some learn from their mistakes and some don’t, that’s what makes us unique! Speaking of mistakes, have you heard the new song “No Mistakes” Kanye West? Am I the only one not surprised he would make a song like that?
Personal Growth Goals (#PersonalGrowthGoals)
We should always work towards being a better version of ourselves. This should be a year round thing, not just for the situation or the time-being. And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you’re not already fabulous! But as you get older you recognize there is always room for growth and improvement.
So you start to find ways to invite it in………..
We are all wanting to grow physically, mentally and spiritually! This is how we better ourselves, but sometimes we don’t always know how to do that. I want to share with you 4 things (I’ve personally started doing) you can start doing right now to help get you on the right track (or back on the right track)
1. Reset Your Mindset
You are your number one team player. YOU have to start believing in yourself, supporting yourself, and cheering yourself on. A wise person once said when you believe it you will achieve it. Keep those positive thoughts flowing. Instead of saying “I cant”, start saying I can. Train the mind to believe anything is possible.
“Align Yourself With Your Desires And They Will Be Yours”
Maybe your goal is to be successful in the future. Just ask yourself, “what do successful people do?”
Start doing just that………simple
2. More Meditation
If you’re anything like me your life can sometimes come with a considerable amount of stress, a selective memory, and a few unhealthy habits. Meditation for me puts me in a space. A space where it’s just myself and my thoughts. Uninterrupted space! I tried to incorporate it with a few yoga sessions, I quickly found out yoga is just not my thing. Where is my gold star for trying?
Serious about mediation? Read this post to learn more – 7 Amazing Guided Meditations for Beginners
3. Read Daily
One of the easiest ways to learn is to read. Reading a book for something that you want to learn about saves you so much money. Since starting my online journey I’m sure I’ve read more books within the last 3 months than I’ve read all my life! Click here, to check out my best books of 2018. (#goodreads)
Not only do you absorb new information by reading, but you also expand your vocabulary.
Best Self-Help Books 2018
Okay so I’m going to share my #1 Parenting Tip: Read to and with your children. I read with my son all the time, we take turns reading. He will read to me, then I will read to him. The goal is to make it fun! We are both looking forward to the school’s summer reading program 2019!
4. Set Monthly Goals and Achieve Them
Okay so I’m real big on goal setting, more of us should be. Setting specific goals and visualizing them every day is what gets you closer to the end of the tunnel (achieving your goals). Setting goals keep you motivated and proactive. At age 11, I even tell my son it’s important to set goals. No Dashawn, not goals in Fortnite, but real life goals. Yes they do exist!
self help books 2019
What are some of the things you are working on, or need to work on? In what ways are you working on those things? Let me know in the comments below.

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    I agree that yoga—or adult dance, for me—was not my thing, but the stretching and few moments of mindfulness are the parts that I continue to do long after the classes were over. Like you mentioned, they set my gratefulness and positive mindset in place, so that I can start my day with an early win. After that, nothing can rattle me and I realize what I need to focus on for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing.

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