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5 Things You Would Never Know About Me

"I Usually Sit At The Table Closest To The Food"

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Can you think of that one thing you used to do or still do that make you weird or makes you stand out? You’d never tell anyone about it, unless they somehow find out and for the most part you would keep it to yourself. I can think of a few things that fit all of the above. Some of them I am extremely embarrassed by. It took me a few days to decide if I really wanted to share with my audience and I decided I would. In this post I am going to share 5 things with you that you would never know about me. Don’t judge me okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I am far from perfect.

1. Angel Soft or Charmin Only

For some strange reason I really used to like the taste of tissue. I’m not talking about the gas station or hotel tissue, no that was way to hard. I did try it once but it was so hard it would just stay stuck in my throat. I would rip off a square and let it sit on my tongue. Once the tissue started to get damp from sitting on my tongue I would then eat it. Don’t ask my why. I have no idea why the taste if tissue was good to me at this point in my life. I remember we had wine night at my friends house some years ago. I may have had a little too much wine this night. We were in middle of playing the game Verse and I got up to use the bathroom thinking nobody would see me and I got that urge again. I just wanted some tissue. I put a square on my tounge like usual and boom the bathroom door flies open. My friend laughed so hard, saying “Cheri are you eating tissue”? Of course everyone ran to the bathroom to watch me eat the tissue. Literally one of the most embarrassing times in my life.

2. Me Vs Balloons

Some people are scared of clowns and some are scared of jack-o-lanterns. I didn’t mind having the white faced red nose guy at my birthday party. That didn’t bother me at all. I just didn’t want the balloons at my birthday party. I was terrified of balloons. Don’t have them around me and please don’t ask me to help blow them up. My friends would find this so funny and of course made fun of me fir it. In my mind the balloon would pop as soon as I touched it, so I just didn’t touch it. It was the popping part that I hated the most. I never like to get caught off guard. When a balloon pops you just never know when it’s going to happen. Up until age 20 I would never touch a balloon or get close to any at that matter. Now water balloons were okay with me. I used to love a good water balloon fight. My fear of balloons is over, especially after having my own child. He loves balloons and is always making slime with balloons, it’s actually kind of cool.

3. To Small In The Stall

Some may call it claustrophobia some may call it crazy. Me I’m just hoping that no one walks in while I’m using the restroom. So this one actually still applies to my life today. When I use any public bathroom I don’t like closing the door. It’s just too small inside and I’ve always thought something or somebody would come through the toilet and pull me inside. How will anyone ever hear me scream for help if the stall door is closed? I usually try to use the unisex bathroom or the family bathroom where then I only have to close the door to the entire restroom. Lots of space inside! If I just have to use a multi stall bathroom I’ll force myself to wait and use the bigger one. You know that one that has the baby changing table inside. It also has the handicap bars on the wall that I can grab if something or someone comes through the toilet to grab me in. Sounds insane but in my mind it’s perfectly sane.
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4. Men's Deodorant Obsession

OK ladies so I know I’m not alone. I know there are more of you out there who love the smell of men’s deodorant. You love it so much you would use it instead of your own. I still buy my own deodorant. I’m sure right now I have at least 3 full sticks of deodorant on my dresser. There only there for show. Let me tell you what I mean. My boyfriend hates when I use his deodorant. So he might be watching to see if I’m using my own. I’ll take mine and act like I’m using it, put the top back on and the when he is not looking I would use his. I’m telling you men’s deodorant not only smells good but it seems to last longer than women’s deodorant. I’ve recently started using the new Secret Ball Deodorant. Especially the scent called Paris Rose, this deodorant is super convenient and can easily be re-applied.

5. Baby Showers, Funerals, Weddings

Can you tell me what the three of these have in common? What would be a reason anyone would enjoy going to these three events? The food, Duh! Unlike maybe a graduation, these events are guaranteed to have an after event that will have good food. Okay I lied it’s not always good, but there is always food! I’m not saying I enjoy the fact that people die, but it’s apart of life, it happens. So we go to funerals and then we eat good and celebrate a homegoing. I always try to sit at the table closest to the food. If the tables are numbered, like they were at Kylie Jenner’s baby shower I can either choose table 1 which is usually reserved for family and friends. Or I can sit at the table closest to the food. It’s a smart move if you want to eat 1st and if you don’t want food that’s been picked through. It sucks because I’m actually missing my friend’s Cissy and Justin’s baby shower today all the way in Pennsylvania. I wish them the best on their little bundle of joy. Baby girl Justice will be here in January. Can’t wait to meet her.
Maybe you can relate to one, two or all five. If so tell me about it in the comments below. Tell me something that may make you a little weird. Something you would usually not share with anyone!
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