5 Ways To Start Loving Yourself Just A Little More

Self Love affirmations

"Your Primary Relationship Needs To Be With Yourself - All Others Are Mirrors Of It“

I want a love so deep even the ocean would be jealous……
With myself, that is!
Hey Ladies! Ready for a new week? I’m always ready. For me, there’s so many exciting things to come. 2018 was blurry but 2019 is so so clear. This year is going to bring blessings on top of blessings an opportunity.
Why? because I’m claiming it. I’ve been saying my positive thoughts & affirmations so it’s only up from here. I’m so happy the days are falling like they are because THIS post is very much needed today!

What Is Self-Love

Self-love is a term used a lot in the self-help and personal development world. Self-love requires commitment and dedication. Self-love sets the tone for how others treat you, and what you will and will not tolerate.
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Did you know that you are very special? There is no other person in this world like you. Yes, you deserve to be loved not only by those around you but by the most important person in your life — YOU. Whether you’re single or married loving yourself is one of the most important things you could ever learn to do. It starts with mindset, and it starts with you.

5 Ways I’ve Started Loving Myself

1. Spend Time Alone

Up until the age of uhhhh, let’s say 26. I hated to be alone. Not that I was scared to be alone, but I felt the need to always have someone else in my company. Now, I find that I learn a lot about myself when I spend time alone. Take yourself to a nice spa or to a nice restaurant. The point is do it all by yourself. Teach yourself you can enjoy life alone. #solo
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2. Accept Those Flaws & All

Nobody’s perfect. Truth is – we’re all equally fu**ed up, some just hide it better than others. You are and have the things you have for a reason. God makes no mistakes and he took his time with you. I’ve always had a big nose and big eyes, and I hated it growing up. Clearly I couldn’t hide my huge nose and eyes, so instead I just learned to accept them. Funny things is, I now get compliments on my eyes. Took me sometime, but now I know – I am just who and what God created me to be. I’m good with that!

3. Forgive Yourself

Are you still upset with yourself for something you said or did many moons ago? I can relate. I did some pretty messed up things in my day. I did a lot of things I’m not the most proud of today. It had a huge toll on me and I hated myself. I had to remind myself that mistakes are necessary for growth. If I hadn’t made those mistakes, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

4. Do All The Things That Make You Happy

This step starts with knowing the things that make you happy. Do you know what makes you happy? If not then invest time to figure it out. Happiness can get lost in the sauce when you are an employee, a girlfriend, and a mother. You have so many people to please. I found myself doing all the things that made everyone else happy. But hell, I wanted to make myself just as happy. Eating and exercising both make me happy, believe it or not. I even love writing and storytelling that’s why I started this blog.

5. Establish A Workout Routine

I’m not saying go on these crazy diets I hear all about. I’m not saying you have to go to the gym everyday of your life, but establish a workout routine that works for you. I love going to the gym. It’s so good for my anxiety. Some days it’s hard to stay motivated but I push myself to keep going. Not only do you feel good, but you look good. Looking good in a bathing suit is so rewarding, I’m just saying! Start with just 30 minutes a day, that’s all you need.
What ways do you practice self-love. Have you noticed a difference in your life when you began to love yourself more? Do you practice any of the ways I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below.
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17 thoughts on “5 Ways To Start Loving Yourself Just A Little More”

  1. I really liked the first one spending some time alone. I have 8 kids so I haven’t spent much alone time in years. The youngest is 16 now so I’m getting more and more time to spend alone. One thing I do for me is spend time journaling each day.

  2. I love the tips you shared here. I love to be alone but that rarely happens with the kids, except for when they have gone to bed. My alone times are spent in thinking about how the day went and also the word of God. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I definitely think the workout schedule is so important. Looking after my physical body really helps keep my emotions positive. Forgiving yourself is also really important as is positive self-talk.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Working out is my favorite. I’ve learned not only do you look good but you feel good as well!!

  4. I admittedly have such a hard time with self love and self care. I’m a mom and the needs of others come before myself. But in order for me to be my best self, I know these tips will help me establish that focus. Thanks for sharing!

    *Samantha- https://herjournal.blog

  5. Wow! These actually brought tears to my eyes! I am 47 going through a life transition into menopause and it’s honestly been keeping me from being happy, the happy I know I can be! I need to work on alot of these tips to learn to love me again! Thank you for writing this!

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