7 Side Hustles For Working Mothers – 2019

Make money online 2019

"I Myself Didn't Believe It Until The Funds Hit My Bank Account"

Everything adds up in my mind. So if you are one of those “$5.00 aint nothin” type of people this may not be the post for you. No matter if it’s $5, $50, or $500 – it’s more than what I had to start with
What if someone told you that you can make money online? What if they told you that you can earn a full-time income online doing simple things or better yet ……………..doing the things you love, would you believe them?
Well if you’re anything like me you’re super skeptical, so you give everything the side eye. I myself didn’t believe it until the funds hit my bank account.
Then I was like okay, it’s legit! How can I make more?

How To Make Extra Money Online

Over the past few months, I have heavily researched ways to make money online. When I tell you I’ve tried all kinds of things, even lost money in the process. I was scammed ya’ll, yes there are scammers online. I can finally say I was able to find a few legit ways to make money online.
If you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m sharing everything I learn about growing my social media presence. I’m also sharing ways I multiply my streams of income through social media. So I’m super excited about this post. I’m even more excited for my readers to learn how to make extra money online!
The first two terms I had to learn were Passive Income & Active Income.
Active income is what most of us are familiar with. We receive income for our active efforts. Like having a 9 to 5 to receive a paycheck.
Passive income can be described as the income that keeps on giving. For example, you write an E-book and sell it. You put in the work one time and continue to earn income from that very same E-book. Hoping that it sells, of course.
YES! you can earn both passive income and active income online, but it’s important to know the difference
Ways To Make Money Online
Make money online 2019
1. Make Money On Instagram
Do you have a large following on Instagram? OK, well maybe you don’t have a large following yet, but you can definitely grow your following. When I was told I could make money on Instagram, I didn’t believe it.
Well I found out it’s true. Yes, you can make money on Instagram.
How AND Why Are People Making Money On Instagram?
Because brands need real people like you to market their products. And yes, they will pay you real money to do so. Yes, you have to put in work to make your feed look cohesive (I’m still working on that) but soon enough you will have brands reaching out to you. I changed my personal account to a business account, I use certain hashtags when I post pictures, I post quality pictures (not pictures with me hanging out with friends) and most importantly I engage with other people. When you engage with others they will return the love. That’s my secret to growing your Instagram account to make money on Instagram.
2. Italki.com
Italki was one of the first platforms I used to make money online. Italki is a language learning platform. Not only can you learn a new language yourself, but you can get paid to teach a language. As long as you’re fluent in that language you can get paid to teach it to someone else. All you need is a headset (just like in the picture below) a computer & a good internet connection. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in certain fields there are other language learning platforms that will pay you $20 per hour. You do not need a bachelors degree to make money on Italki.
3. Sell Your Old Clothes Or Sell Your Crafts
If we’re friends on Facebook you may have saw me sell my old clothes for $5.00 each. This was the perfect hustle for me because I have so many clothes that collect dust in my closet. I don’t wear them, so why not sell them?
I’ve used platforms like Mercari, Poshmark & even Facebook Marketplace to sell these clothes & Crafts. You ever heard one man’s trash is another person’s treasure? Well let me just tell you that is a true statement. My old clothes sold within no time. Cha Ching!
Let’s say if you like making handmade jewelry or DIY projects (do it yourself)
Well if you do, don’t just make them and GIVE them away
“Aint nobody got time for that”
Make them, upload them to an Etsy shop, Facebook Marketplace or even on your Facebook wall and sell the shit outta of em!!!! The main thing is to be creative, and take nice photos to upload. Ask yourself – Is this something I would purchase?
If you have no Idea what to make or where to start, see my post of DIY projects for under $5.00. I give you step by step instructions on how to make gifts people will actually purchase from you. Make your very own and start selling today.
4. Start A Blog
The amount of ways you can make money with a blog are endless. The first thing you need is obviously a blog.
Starting a blog is easy, but maintaining your blog takes work. You get out what you put in, simple. Blogging has introduced me to an entirely different world. Everyday I learn something new and I get better and better with time. I make changes to my blog at least 4 or 5 times a week. I spend 2 hours at night reading and commenting on other blogs. I get my ideas from other bloggers and add my own unique twist. It’s such a fun experience and I can’t wait for what the future brings with blogging.
5. Build An Online Store
Other than working hard on my blog. I’ve decided to create an online e-commerce store. Shopify is the platform I’m using. I had my store all set up and ready to go live then I was unsure about my products. I went from women’s accessories, to women shoes…… I now have a solid idea and I can’t wait to get it up and going.
Why Start An Online Store?
You’ve seen the news right?
Most of our favorite stores have FILED BANKRUPTCY and are closing down by the minute.
Payless Shoes, Charlotte Rousse, Gymboree, Sears, Toys R US
The list goes on..
My point is, why do you think these top brands are closing? Because most people shop online. It saves time and it saves money, believe it or not. Most of us are not going into stores to shop anymore, were doing our shopping online! So start your online store today, and be apart of the online e-commerce world that is continuing to evolve daily. All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit.
6.Sell Photos
Some will tell you, just use your IPhone. Others will tell you to purchase a starter camera. Okay well I didn’t have an IPhone so that wasn’t an option for me. I needed a real camera, nothing to fancy or too complex. But a nice starter camera for good picture taking. So I used step 3 from above (sell old clothes online) to save money to purchase my camera.
Websites That Pay YOU For High Quality Photos

My make-up bag is never this clean like you see in the picture. Say if yours looked like this and you’re into trying different make-ups. I know it sounds corny but, take good photos of your make-up, better yet add a cute jewelry box in the picture. Use matching props. There is always someone or some business out there who could use your photo for their website…….simply because they don’t have the time to take their own.
7. Upwork.com
This website is for everybody to make some type of money. Mama, daddy, sister, friend, even grandma! It offers a great marketplace for selling and requesting just about any professional service. Can you write a term paper? Can you proof-read a term paper? Can you create a logo? Can you create resumes? Are you good with excel? Well there is a job for you on Upwork.com Just make an account, provide quality work, build your reviews and get paid.
As I learn new ways to make money online, I promise to share! Have you tried any of these? Did you earn money for it?

21 thoughts on “7 Side Hustles For Working Mothers – 2019”

  1. These are some great ideas. However, starting a blog is a much harder way to make money than you would think, but I get where you are coming from. Thanks for sharing valuable info.

    1. Hello there!

      Yes I so agree. It takes a little longer to make money with a blog but it’s time well invested. Once you start making money, you don’t want to stop. You look for more ways!

  2. Thanks for this post. I liked the teaching language site without having a degree (since I don’t) Also you’ve made me more aware of branding myself on IG… working on that!

    1. Yes Its so easy. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I got better with time. Instagram is a work in process for us all, especially myself!

  3. Great tips Cheri! There are definitely some great things listed in your post about how to make money. I also have a blog, but I think I am a little too much of an introvert to make money from Instagram lol!

    1. Hey why not, its the bets of both worlds ya know. Its a lot of work, i wish I could invest more time. But for now it works! Thanks for reading!

    1. You should especially if you already have the experience in taking photos! The best thing you could do to make extra money!

  4. This is a great list! Selling your old clothes online rather than throwing them out contributes to sustainable living as well. Thanks for sharing!

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