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My Very 1st YouTube Video

"Out Of Breath & Nervous. I’m Sure My Under Arms Were Sweating The Whole Time. But, I Did It. I Made My Very 1st YouTube Video. A Million People Watching ——-Really It Was Just Me"

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that. Crazy thing is I didn’t know Id be able to edit the video myself. See, I live for a good YouTube video. I love the creativity that’s shown in everybody’s videos. So for me to make my own makes me feel real good. That’s some progress! I didn’t take any classes, I didn’t pay anyone to do it for me. I DID THAT! I DESERVE A GOLD STAR! I can see myself getting my first YouTube sponsorship. Some advice I have for you is watch Youtube’s Creator Studio Academy. There you will find back end information on such as YouTube analytics to grow your audience. I even made my own T-ring light (lighting is everything) with a stand and phone holder. I plan to make a “How To” video on that whole process. For the stand I used a light pole from an old light we didn’t used anymore, I used binder clips for the phone holder. Yes, I even made the phone holder. The phone holder is mounted in the middle so I can record myself. I also plan to share my favorite YouTuber’s.
My plan is to upload a video twice a week. I am on a serious grind at this time in my life and I want everyone to watch. I want everyone to learn so we can get on this grind together. I believe we can all teach each other because we all take in information differently, so you never know what you can learn from somebody else. My YouTube channel will be surfaced mainly around my online journey, women empowerment, tequila lovers, moms, young moms with boys, Laws of Attraction an any lifestyle advice I can offer. I’m no expert, I’m just a regular person who lives a regular life. I’m just trying to get in where I fit in
Remember there are two types of people in this world, those who watch YouTube videos and those who CREATE YouTube videos. Which one are you?

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