A Weekend In Charlotte North Carolina

"On Top Of That I Was Surrounded With People Who Loved To Eat Just As Much As I Do"

I hope the New Year has been good to you so far. Not only is my birthday December 31st but I get a long vacation from work. So its been a pretty good New Year for me. I mean who doesn’t like an extended work-cation?
This weekend I went to Charlotte North Carolina. I’ve been to Charlotte many times before but it’s been quite a long time. The trip was so unexpected but unexpected trips are the best if ya ask me.
Sandra Oh Lady Gaga
I’m just happy to be home in time enough for the 2019 Golden Globes Awards. I can’t wait to see Lady Gaga, Charlize Theron & Kerry Washington. One of the host this year are Sandra Oh. She played in Grey’s Anatomy, one of my favorites. I’m still not sure why she left the show. Idris Elba is set to be there with his daughter this year. I mean how cute is that?
The trip to Charlotte was for a proposal. Lamar’s best friend proposed to his girlfriend. Yall her ring was ahhhhhhmazing. It was so pretty, it was rose gold. Rose gold is a girl’s best friend. One of my birthday gifts were these rose gold make-up brushes. They match perfect with my rose gold make up brush holder. Trina was caught off guard and she was so happy. Right before he gave her the ring he gave her an iPhone. He held the box with the ring inside for about 10 minutes before she even noticed. I think she was too focused on the iPhone. The minute she realized what was going on the look on her face was priceless. She was so happy and everyone around was happy for her. Congratulations to Chris & Trina. I can’t wait to be apart of such a life altering experience for the both of you.
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Charlotte showed me a great time. I ate so much food, the restaurants there are endless. On top of that I was surrounded with people who loved to eat just as much as I do. We stopped at a restaurant Friday night the minute we got there. Everyone was hungry, it was like 11:00PM and not much was open.
We ended up eating at Midnight Diner. The restaurant itself was cute inside. But it was so packed. We had 9 people with us, but surprisingly it didn’t take long to get us seated. Midnight Diner was a good restaurant for family friends or even maybe a business meet up. Their menu really had good affordable comfort food. The portion sizes were perfect and matched the prices of the food. I kept it simple and ate a shrimp dinner, broccoli with cheese and mashed potatoes for the side. I would definitely recommend this place. Especially if you are looking for good quality food late at night.
Saturday morning. I woke up early to take a few lifestyle photography shots for my blog. That was pretty fun and productive. I had a friend there who gave the best photography tips during our mini session. She directed me tremendously and made me feel that much more comfortable in front of the camera.
Bossbabe 2019
“Slide to the left just a little, hold your head up, turn your foot just a little towards the right. Yes! All that is exactly what I need. We got some great shots and I can’t wait to share them with my readers.”
SouthPark mall was nice as well. They had so many stores to shop out of. As a late birthday present from Trina I got the new Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. I always love a neutral lip gloss. A good thick one can be hard to find. I love this lip gloss because it last for such a long time. Click the link below to purchase your very own.
Brunch was at Maggiano’s Little Italy located inside SouthPark Mall, can you say super convenient. Maggiano’s is an Italian restaurant, they also serve seafood which is a huge plus. just in case you didn’t put that together by the name of it. I’m all about pasta and ricotta cheese. So this restaurant was perfect for me. I didn’t really care for their bread, but the Mimosas made up for it. I ordered a grilled salmon salad with blue cheese crumbles. The salad was topped with a honey mustard balsamic dressing that had my mouth watering for more. I mean I literally wanted to dip my croutons inside the dressing and eat them. It was definitely your wine and dine restaurant, white tablecloths ya know. I would definitely go back with my family and friends and recommend Maggiano’s to anyone looking for some high end Italian food with a twist of seafood!
Fun fact: Maggiano’s LIttle Italy opened its first location in Chicago Illinois, November 1991.
Dinner was at Bonefish Grill. I usually eat the Bang Bang Shrimp but I wanted something different this time around.
I ended up ordering their Crab-Crusted Cod. Covered with crab crumb, topped with lump crab and white wine lemon butter sauce. I really wanted to try their bacon Mac n Cheese and Im so happy that I did
I don’t usually eat restaurant Mac n Cheese, but theirs was good and I would recommend it.
The formal proposal was at Bonefish Grill, you guys I almost cried. Its nothing new for me to get emotional at times like this. I was so happy for them.
Sunday morning was finally here and of course this is the day we have to go back home. We checked out of our Air BnB which was so nice and we headed out for breakfast.
We decided to go with The Flying Biscuit Cafe. The theme of the restaurant was very well put together. I loved the colors and the paintings on the wall. The service was outstanding and the staff were very welcoming. I ate their Coca Cola BBQ Salmon served on top of dreamy grits topped with a little bit of collard greens. It also came with sundried tomatoes. Now this dish wasn’t on the menu. The salmon came with green beans and mashed potatoes, but I wanted grits. Needless say I loved it.
Food Porn
Now let’s talk about the biscuits. They weren’t all that great. Actually they were hard on the outside. The name of the restaurant was The Flying Biscuit Cafe so I definitely expected more outta their biscuits.
Would I go back? YES
Would I eat the biscuits – NO
On our trip home we tentatively planned our next trip. We have lots of birthdays coming up. We were thinking Miami in March 2019.
Overall Charlotte was great. I’m sure there was much more to experience but in two days you can only do and see so much. I have a close friend named Brittany who recently moved to Charlotte so of course Ill be back.
XoXo Cheri
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