social media manager savannah
social media manager savannah
I’m a born and raised TRUE Georgia Peach and social media enthusiast with a real-life obsession for helping small businesses grow their online presence through content specifically, video content. All because I believe in the power of social media marketing. Currently, my very own social media growth is my biggest FLEX’
Full time mother, daughter and business owner. I started off pitching my services to help local organizations and small businesses create unique, engaging social media videos or “promo videos” if you will, all while documenting my journey to new beginnings on my YouTube channel.
Have you ever had that feeling deep down inside of you that you were meant to be where you are in LIFE? You are meant to be doing all of the things you are doing RIGHT now?
social media manager savannah
It’s hard to explain to others without sounding “crazy” but that’s exactly how I feel at this point in my life.
On all of my TikTok, Instagram & YouTube, I share simple social media tips for content creators and small business owners. My goal is to encourage YOU and make you feel comfortable with social media marketing one day at a time.
So far on my journey as a Social Media Educator, I realize that most small business owners look at marketing as a light switch they can turn on and turn off. But the thing about it is it’s an ongoing consistent effort and the more consistent you are about putting your message out there to the right people the more you’re going to see growth in your business.
Marketing is an investment – not an expense. So keep the switch turned on! Let me help you.


Instagram Obsessed
Instagram Marketing is about experimentation and trying different strategies. Track those strategies and then make improvements. If you do not have a solid measurable Instgram Strategy, Instagram will not work for you.
So if you’re in search of a new Instagram Bestie Let’s Chat!

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