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I have so much inside, thoughts are constantly racing through my mind. From just a little girl I’ve always been told I was very creative! So I wanted a platform to share it all.Now its my time to do just that!
Hi everyone I’m Cheri! Thanks for coming to my website. I hope here you can find a wide variety of information to assist with your daily lifestyle and decision making. No I don’t have all the answers. But I do hope my experiences inspire you.
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Who Is Cheri

I am a daughter, a mother, a sister a friend. A true southern girl born and raised. I studied Psychology and Medical Billing at the University of Phoenix. I currently work as a medical biller for a doctor here in my home town. I really enjoy working as a medical biller. Most of my job consist of trouble-shooting and putting things together. Kinda how I’m doing with this website.
Born and raised in Savannah GA. I definitely have a love hate relationship with my city. I will definitely say that I adore my little city of Savannah GA. It’s people places and things are growing by the day. Literally! You should see it, their building a new restaurant every week.
Raised by two wonderful parents both serving many years in the Military. I’d say It’s safe to say I came out half way decent. Having a child at such a young age, forced me to grow up. While I’m far from perfect – I thank God for the many mistakes I’ve made. These mistakes only prepare me for the woman I am becoming. So sit back and watch!
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Savannah ga
There’s this little boy who calls me ‘MAMA” his name is DaShawn. He is my 1st, my only, my last.
He makes me so proud. He keeps me motivated, sane, and focused. DaShawn is really such a good child. He is full of questions and energy. Together we’re a team. On my journey I’ll be teaching my son everything I learn. I want to load his brain up with knowledge to help him be great in life an achieve all of his very own goals, like mama! That’s the plan.
Most of you came to my website because you noticed something that interested you and you want to know more, right?
My goal is to share knowledge with you based on my life experiences. So I created this website I’m going to combine my professional skills along with other skills to keep you entertained and answer any questions along the way. You will be surprised at the results you can achieve when everyone learns together. That’s why I enjoy blogging because you meet so many cool and interesting people. Like minded individuals who are on the same ride as you!
That’s All You God
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