Advance Your Vocabulary

“Now That I’m Older, I Wish I Sat By All The Nerds In Class”
Have you ever been around someone extremely smart you wonder how’d they become so smart? What are they doing that I’m not? What have they been taught in life, that I wasn’t? They use a lot of big words and lots of analogies. They have the answers to almost everything you ask. Not just in a specicfic area, but all around guru. I like to surround myself with people like this. In my mind just being around these type of people consistently, makes me just as smart as they are. I find myself starting to use big words just like them and try to sound as articulate as possible. I can remember working with a lady named Amber. She was so smart in so many different areas. I sat next to her at work so I can learn from her. I would talk like Amber and I would even try to write like her, she had the perfect handwriting. Amber was clearly the nerd of the office and to think when we were children in middle school we teased each other children about looking nerdy. Now that I’m older I wish I sat by all of the nerds in class, instead I laughed at them like every other teenager. Don’t be like me!
Education is so important to me. Knowledge is power and I want a whole lot of it. One day I will be the one of the smartest people in the world. My son will also be just as smart, if not smarter. At this point I’m putting him in position early. Since I can remember I’ve always looked for a chance to learn. I’m a firm believer of everything presents itself as an opportunity. It’s up to you to recognize it; it’s up to you to act on it. About 4 years ago I started keeping a small notebook in my purse. Each and every time I hear a word that sounds impressive I write it down, along with the definition. I keep a running list and I review it all the time. Yes, I have the same list from years ago! It’s a little torn but it serves its purpose. Some of the words I now use naturally. I’m so used to seeing these words they are now included into my everyday vocabulary. This is a true vocabulary builder. Lucky for me, I have a very good memory so once I hear these words again I know exactly what they mean. I even impress myself when I use them.
I even do exercises with my son to help increase his vocabulary. We read articles, comics and books together. I make him pick out 5 words he’s unfamiliar with, highlight the words then look up the definitions and write them down. He has his own list (composition book) and so do I. I even noticed my son using some of those exact words when he’s talking.
You have to surround yourself with intelligent people, because eventually you become your surroundings. You have to cultivate knowledge into your life and surround yourself with people who make you better. That’s the number one secret to actually be better.
The next time you’re at school, work, or anywhere for that matter. Listen to the words around you, take mental notes. Later write these words down and keep them somewhere you can easily pull out and add more words. Enjoy the glow up!


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