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Affordable Amazon Finds Every Blogger Needs

"The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner, These Amazon Finds Are Perfect To Add To Your Holiday Wish List"

You’re a blogger now. It’s time to start acting like one!
Here are a few Amazon Goodies, you should purchase! Or you can even buy for someone else.
We all need a little push sometimes. As a blogger you loose motivation just as quickly as it comes sometimes. Having that reminder that we are in control of our own decisions is a great way to keep ourselves going even those times you just don’t feel like it.
Anyone will enjoy this book. You Are A Badass teaches you how to peruse your passions in life. Care free and worry free
One thing I like about aging is that with each year, I care less about what people think.
While there are many different versions of this calendar out. This National Day of Calendar should at least get you started with planning your content.
amazon finds for bloggers
Yes, your smart phone will work just fine. But eventually if you want to take your blog to the next level your gonna need a camera! This camera is user-friendly and super affordable.
Another game changer! This book is so powerful. Along with Rich Dad Poor Dad. I suggest everyone reads this book at least once.
As a blogger, I’m always looking for content. No matter where I go there is always a picture to be taken. Sometimes I don’t have anyone with me to take my picture. And sometimes I don’t want to hear my boyfriend or my son fuss about taking my picture 🙁
This selfie ring light with the cell phone holder included is by far one of my best investments.
Because it’s so much cheaper to make your own coffee anyway!
Ok, so maybe your a tea drinker. Whichever is your drink of choice. Use this mug as a constant reminder to yourself, that you are a BOSS!
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