Breakfast Casserole That Kids Love

Breakfast casserole with sausage
This easy to make breakfast casserole is by far my favorite breakfast casserole. Not only is it tasty and delicious, but even the little people love it. When you think about it most children will absolutely not eat any type of casserole. Especially DaShawn he is the most pickiest eater I have ever met. Mama tells me all the time he’s just like I was. It’s so hard to believe that I was a picky eater being that now I eat everything in sight.


1. Turkey Breakfast Sausage (16oz)
Breakfast Casserole
2. Cream Cheese (8oz)
3. Sharp or Mild Cheddar Cheese. Sometimes I use Monterey Jack and or Parmesan Cheese. You know how it can be when you have a little bit of each cheese left, you get creative and mix them all together.
4. Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough (8oz)
5. Eggs
6. Seasoning to taste (don’t get too crazy)
7. Red Onion (completely optional) – DaShawn is not a fan of onions, I try not to let him see me adding the onions, shhhhhh!


The first thing you want to do is open your crescent roll dough, if you’re anything like me the popping sound still scares the heck outta me even at my age today. Spread the dough out into the bottom of your Pyrex dish. Use flour if it starts to stick to your fingers. Let it sit!
Breakfast Casseroles
Go ahead and cook your turkey sausage, cook until brown or however you like your meat. If you want to add onion go ahead and cut into small pieces and cook along with your meat. Again don’t let the kids see you do it
Crack 4-5 eggs into a small mixing bowl. Don’t forget to add seasoning to your eggs.
After your meat is done cooking, in a separate bowl, take 3-4 tablespoons of cream cheese and mix it into your meat
Next evenly pour your eggs on top of the turkey sausage.
My favorite part!! Now Top with cheese
Pop it in the oven and let it cook for about 25-30 minutes covered. Then 5 minutes uncovered.
Eat With Grits or Salsa!
I’m telling you this is so good. Taste even better the next day. What’s your favorite casserole? What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Come back and tell me if you try this recipe.

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