• ways to celebrate achievement

    4 Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments

    “Looking For Creative Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments” Accomplishments are something that should be celebrated, wouldn’t you agree? But it seems as if we jump from one task to another so quickly most of the time that when an accomplishment does happen, we tend to skip right over it. This is very unfortunate because I believe that taking the time to celebrate accomplishments is a very healthy step and will only allow us to move forward and achieve even greater things. I mean think about it, who wouldn’t want to celebrate themselves! Here Are A Few Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments In Your Life: Personal Reflection One of the healthiest ways to…

  • Top Books To Read In Your Lifetime

    Top Books To Read At Least Once In Your Lifetime

    “A Reader Lives 1,000 Lives Before She Dies” As I enter my 30’s – often times I reflect on my younger 20’s Overly dramatic, hot mess, temperamental, chaotic and emotional! These are the 5 terms that completely sum up my early twenties. Transitioning into my late twenties, I realized I can still come across as overly dramatic, a hot mess, temperamental, chaotic but a little less emotional. I bet you thought I would say I changed, didn’t you? 🙂 Top Books To Read In Your Life With the assistance of a few self- help books, some therapy and a few Tequila shots. As a result, I can honestly say I…

  • Proven ways to reduce stress

    Ways To Reduce Stress In 2020

    “It’s The Simple Things We Can Change To Find Ways To Reduce Stress” How is it already 2020?! I feel like this year has just flown by in a blink of an eye. I’m not complaining, though. For a lot of people 2019 was a pretty hard year and most of us seem to be looking forward to 2020, myself included. One thing that I noticed as a common trend in 2019 was unfortunately stress. That is why I’ve made it an ultimate goal of mine to find different ways to reduce stress this upcoming year, in 2020, and I truly think that most of you need to make that…

  • be the best version of yourself quote

    How To Create The Best Version Of Yourself

    “Shift Your Focus From The Imperfection To The Perfection” Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, but few actually accomplish that goal because it takes hard work and effort and not many people want to go out of their way to do even more work (unfortunately). Even in hard times, we have the ability to still work on ourselves and improve from each difficult situation we face. This should be the main goal when it comes towards working on yourself. Related Post: 5 Ways To Start Loving Yourself There is no single formula to use when it comes to creating your best self. But it starts from within…

  • Gym Motivation for moms

    Keeping Up That Gym Motivation

    “Working Out Is My Drug, Not Only Do You Look Good, But You Feel Good” Eating and working out, completely opposites. Both are my two favorite things to do. But staying motivated to work out can be a challenge for some. Including me! For others it comes natural. Story of my life 🙂 Staying motivated to work out is not as easy as it looks. And if you’re friends with me on social media you see that I am constantly in the gym. I may make it look easy but most days I have no motivation to exercise. How Can I Get Myself Motivated To Go To The Gym? Don’t…

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