Christmas Cookie Ideas

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easy holiday treats

"Easy Christmas Desserts"

I’m always looking for ways to challenge my inner Betty Crocker. Okay ya’ll so I saw these on Pinterest and I just had to make them. If you’re looking for an easy holiday treat or a cute Christmas dessert to make then you have to try these. They were made just a little different, so of course I had to remake them with a twist and share with my readers. Unfortunately my son is in middle school now. I would probably embarrass him if I took these to his school. I sure do miss the days he was in elementary school.
1. Multi- color Christmas Sprinkles
2. Oreo Cookies
3. Vanilla Icing
4. Small Bowl or Small Plate
5. Wax Paper (Optional)
Directions – be creative
1. Spread light icing on half of the Oreo Cookie
2. Coat with sprinkles, try not to make a mess like I did
3. For better results allow to sit in refrigerator over night
4. Enjoy
5. Send me a message and let me know you tried them!
easy Christmas cookies

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