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How many times have you woke up for work and realized you just didn’t want to go anymore? You knew you had to, because you gotta get the bills paid. Unless you marry a billionaire! Good luck with that. So you wake up, get ready for work, do your morning routine and what next? YOU GO TO WORK! Most of your co-workers are “Dramatic Debra’s or Debbie Downers”, your managers show favoritism, and your not a favorite, they pay is halfway decent and overall you just don’t want to be there.
Well if you are anything like myself, this is my exact feeling every morning. I just don’t want to go to work anymore! I’m okay with the idea of working, I consider myself to be a hard worker , but working on someone else’s time is not the plan. Making someone else rich is no longer going to work for me. If I’m going to work this hard and this much I need to have my own business and work for myself. I need to be in a position where I have people working for me.
For now I’m doing what I have to do so I can do what I want to do. I do have a job for the moment. So for know we can learn how to make money on the side. Im working a part-time job as a medical biller. This job is not stressful what so ever and I work less hours. I wanted a job that didn’t take up so much of my time and allowed me to search the internet for ways to make money online. I knew I had to do something different. That’s the only way I’m going to get different results.
I started by using google’s search engine and researched “ways to make money online”. So many topics came up. I had my pen, highlighters, and note-book ready. I wanted to take as many notes as possible because I was so serious about this. I signed up with paidsocialmediajobs.com for just $20. Here is where I learned the basics. Cool things about this website is you get paid to do all the things you do on social media anyway. I spent at least two days straight watching nothing but Youtube videos, saving the ones I felt were useful (that’s extremely important) & pinning to my pinterest boards. The very first thing I did was create a website. I wanted a blog to share my entire experience with my audience. I want everyone to follow me along my journey. If I can start from scratch, so can you. I wanted a platform to share my wins and my loses. What worked for me an what didn’t. I wanted that social engagement so I can offer advice, and learn from others all at the same time
While there are numerous ways to make money online, these are some of the avenues I have invested lots of time with. These are the ways that have worked for me.

Make Money Online 2018

Ways to make money online
As I find out more I will post more. One important thing I want to let all of my readers know; There are not any get rich quick schemes, at least that’s not my mojo. I want the chance to earn passive income and that’s what I’m going after. Everything so far requires hard work. Just remember the more you learn the more you grow. Anything worth working for is worth having.
What are some of the ways you earn extra money online? Please share your ideas.


  • Richard Bailey

    You’re spot on with the no get rich scheme. Passive income is much better and blogging also gives you that reward of creating something you can be proud of, help others and hopefully make some kind of income for it. look forward to the updates. The paid social media jobs sounds interesting. I am heading over to that link after this comment. Thanks for the post!

    • Cheri


      Hi Richard! I just want to be completely honest, it requires work. I feel like lots of people want things to fall into their laps! So I wanted to be clear! Thnx for reading!!

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