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DIY Projects For Under $5

"Dollar Tree Do It Yourself Projects"

I made these and posted them on Facebook. I was inspired by a YouTube video. I got so many messages about what I used or if I wanted to sell any. So I said I would make a post about it. This way everybody can just make their own.
I just want to say the majority of these items are purchased from The Dollar Tree. Other items from Walmart.
Just a few do it yourself projects. Perfect for gifting and or decorating around your house. Someone said maybe even using as a centerpiece for a wedding, baby shower, bridal dinner etc.
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Hanging Candle Holders w/ Mirrors
1. Place 3 mirrors on your white foam board and draw a line on the outside to prepare for cutting
2.Repeat this step for your second set of mirrors
3. Go ahead and cut out both, remove black pieces from the back of mirrors, then glue mirrors to the white foam board. I recommend using E6000 glue and hot glue to make sure they have a firm hold
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4. Next wrap your bling wrap around the entire piece, x2
5. Now take your rhinestones and glue to the mirrors as shown i recommend using both glues for this step as well.
6. Take your candle holders and glue them (use both glues) to the mirror – as shown
7. Lastly, glue your jewel of choice to the front of the candle holder
It’s very important for this to sit overnight. The E6000 glue needs at least 24 hours to be completely dry. They can be hung on your wall with command strips. 3 command strieps per fixture will work.
Glitter Vase With Flowers
This DIY is super easy to make!
1. Place your glitter card stock inside the vase and cut it so that it will fit. After you cut it, put a little hot glue on it to hold in place. (I didn’t end up using the glitter)
2. Go ahead and wrap your bling wrap around the vase, here is your chance to get creative. I used 3 pieces but you can use more or less.
3. While the vase and bling warp drys, go ahead and clip your flowers from the stem. – very easy to cut with wire cutters, but scissors work too. Just be careful.
4. Use the flowers to poke through the styrofoam ball. You want to make it as full as possible.
5. Lastly, stick the flowers inside the vase.
People seem to really love this vase. I sold 4 already. I can even change the colors. They really love it when I tell them that!
I Really Couldnt Think Of A Name For These
I’m so serious! I just put them in my bathroom for extra decoration (picture shown below)
1. Take your picture frames completely apart. Also remove the four little pieces that keep everything held together. Just shake them from side to side, they come right off.
2. Spray paint or paint the frames. I used black, but remember to get creative and your own thing. Let them dry for at least 1 hour. Or until completely dry. Of course you can buy black frames but they need to be deep in width.
3. Use the silver net to wrap around two of the glasses you removed from the frame. I just used glue to hold them together. Make sure you don’t burn your finger. Then cut it out, just cut the access net from around the glass.
4. Put a little glue in each corner of the inside of the frames ( total 8 corners) and place all four glasses inside.
5. Take 4 bags of gemstones and pour two bags inside each frame. Glue the frames together. You will have net on one glass and the other glass, just plain.
6. Lastly, take your silver ribbon and wrap around the frames where they connect to one another. If glue seeped out from pressing frames together that’s okay because it helps the wrap stick.
See More Of My DIY Projects. How Did I do? Which one is your favorite?
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