Do Hashtags Work On Instagram 2020?

Do hashtags work on Instagram 2020

"Hashtags Are So Powerful, You Will Be Amazed How Your Engagement Increases"

Just when I thought I had this Instagram thing figured out, just when I thought I’ve cracked the code
5 steps closer–Then BOOM! The algorithm changes. If you don’t know what an algorithm is make sure you read my last post.
Many of my readers know that I’m growing my social media presence. Learning how to make social media work for me. Let’s just say, I have my reasons why! But understand I’ve witnessed so many people succeed using social media and everyday I’m working to create my very own success.
Instagram hashtags
I’ve been doing my online research or some would say my homework. Just trying to multiply my streams of income using social media.
The very first way was by starting this blog your reading right now.
So I create all this content. I purchase my domain name. I finally learned how to build my own website. I even take the time to think what I want to write about.
But now I’m only missing one thing.
Readers! I need readers. Better yet where am I going to get these readers from?

How Do Instagram Hashtags Work

Instagram is such a powerful visual platform. Did you know that Instagram has 700 million active users and growing? Maybe more by the time you read this.
I use Instagram to promote my newest blog post and or YouTube Videos. Instagram is so visual it’s perfect for content promotion. Hashtags help you expand your reach and grow your audience. Hashtags can be a successful way for you to reach new target customers and grow your audience on Instagram.
My Instagram fam is so supportive. Make sure your following me so we can support each other.
do hashtags work on instagram 2020
I’ll usually post one of the photos from my shoot on my Instagram feed. The struggle in picking the best picture is so real!
But what better way to attract the attention of a potential unique reader, than to take a nice photo and throw a little filter on it 🙂
Okay, so I know I just cant be the only one. In my mind I have Instagram friends. I know it sounds corny but the hashtags are what brought these friends to me.

How Do You Create A Hashtag On Instagram?

I’ve started doing hashtag research. Asking myself how do Instagram hashtags work.
Let’s simplify, I target related hashtags and sub hashtags. I use 2 – 3 hashtags from the 500k+ category. Then I use 6-7 sub related hashtags from the 50k – 500k category- which are also given by Instagram! I then sometimes use filler hashtags like #cute #beautiful #lovely #lifestyle
Want To Learn More About Hashtag Research?
Hashtags bring potential collaborations and potential opportunities. Brands are using hashtags to search for influencers to work with! You never know who is watching and who may want to work with you.
Potentials plus a little dose of being nice eventually leads to growth. Organic growth that is, and no it doesn’t happen overnight. But I can say being consistent definitely helps.
A Few Of My Favorite Hashtags







how many instagram hashtahs should you use
So I’ve decided to take my Instagram serious because I want to start working with brands. I’ve done a few collaborations but my goal is to do more.
If your goal is to start working with brands, make sure you make use of your hashtags and make sure you tag these brands in your post. Yes, the hashtags brought these brands to me and yes the hashtags led me to these brands.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use On Instagram 2020?

Lastly, You can use 30 hashtags. And I would say use all freakin 30!
That’s 30 new opportunities the way I see it. Sometimes I use all 30 and sometimes I don’t, it just depends on what I post.
Say you were someone who loves to drink wine, you post photos and creative content about your love for wine. If you use hashtags like #moscatowine #sweetwines #sweetwinebrands the right people will appear in your Instagram suggested friends.
Surprise! Instagram has linked you with someone who loves wine just as much as you do. This is when you start to build your tribe or some call it a community.
Tell me about your hashtag experience. Have you ever asked yourself “how do Instagram hashtags work” Where do you put your hashtags? Have you noticed a difference in placing them in the comments section vs. the caption section? Share the knowledge and lets all learn together.
Do hashtags work on Instagram 2020
Instagram hashtags
do instagram hashtags work
How do you create a hashtag on Instagram

25 thoughts on “Do Hashtags Work On Instagram 2020?”

  1. I think the choices of hashtags are definitely important, it helps you define your niches as well and attract the right customers. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    1. Hi Cindy! You are welcome. For marketing yes! Hashtags definitely work. Do you notice certain accounts automatically follow you by the use of certain hashtags? I just love the whole idea!

    1. Wendy, Little House Simple Living

      These are great tips! I often struggle finding 30 hashtags for my post so I’m going to implement your guideline.

  2. Wow thank you and you are one of my favourite friends that I made on Instagram and I love this blog post! So informative ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I think the hashtag game is really difficult! I just changed up my hashtags because I felt the last ones didn’t work, and I have seen some improvement. Just have to keep on finding which works and which doesn’t. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I use hashtags but didn’t know how powerful they were in terms of building up followers. You also made me aware of the importance of accepting suggestions for friendship. Thanks for this enlightenment.

    1. Hello! Yes they really are the best for growth, well at least I believe so. Especially when trying to increase my blog traffic!

  5. This has been helpful! Thank you! I’ve read several “how to grow Instagram followers” posts that say you should use several hashtags, but don’t overuse. It can get pretty confusing. I liked this perspective of yours to just use all the hashtags they’ll allow.

    1. Hey Lissy hope that works out for you. I check my engagement rate every so often to look for a change. The hashtags really work.

    1. Hi there! Glad this post helped. Yes instagram can be a mystery for sure. Especially when it comes to hashtags. Using all 30 won’t hurt! ☺

  6. Great tips! I’ve been on IG for so long but have just recently found out that we can use up to 30 lol. I keep going for more popular hashtags so I will try to change them up to lesser categories. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gabrielle! You sure can. You have the option to use 30. If you try to use more than 30, your post wont post. its wired. That’s how I FIGURED OUT I COULD ONLY USE 30. I was like nooo why isn’t my picture posting. LOL!

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