Top 3 Skin-Care Products Under $10

"My Can't Live Without Skin-Care Products, All For Under $10"

For as long as I can remember I was very particular about my face. I would go threw so many products just to find out what really worked and what didn’t. When I was old enough to buy my own products I’d buy everything that came out. In grade school I would sneak into my parents bathroom and use their products, whatever it was they had at the time I used it. I really liked using Noxzema pads. The ones that make your face tingle! The pads would make my face feel extra clean, all because of the tingling sensation. My dad started to notice his pads getting low. I remember him asking me a few times if I used any, of course I said No. He was so on to me, its almost like he knew I was using them. So of course the last time I go back to use the pads they were no where to be found. I searched his entire bathroom and got not nothing. Years later he told me that he started to keep it in the drawer of his room. He couldn’t tell if it were me using them or my mom so he decided to switch it up on me.
I’ve always struggled with oily skin. Whether it was a hormonal imbalance or stress trigger it was me versus oily skin, and oily skin would always win. It was most embarrassing at outside events. I would always keep an absorbing pad close by. No matter how much blotting powder i’d use, nothing controlled the oil that lived on my face. After using so many different products over the years I finally figured out what works for me.
I have used these 3 face care products for the last 6 years. These are definitely my must haves. The best part about these face care products other than they actually work, they all can be purchased for less than $10 from you local drug-stores.
My favorite non-scented face make. You feel it working instantly. Perfect for oily skin and congested pores. This minty clay mask is super affordable. I use it 4 or 5 times a week on a fresh clean face. I leave it on for just 10 minutes and it does wonders to my face. I recommend using Sky Organics Coconut Oil or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stick after using for better results.
This face wash is great for preventing breakouts before they even come. I like using this face wash after a workout. When I’m sweaty with no time to take a shower and I just want to wash my face, ill use Ambi Exfoliating Face Wash. It includes both vitamin E and C that act as a natural defense against the sun.
Such a gentle cream with a powerful kick. This face cream is great for removing dirt, oil and make-up. It deeply cleanses and softens your skin. Its added moisturizers help keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. I started using this cream after I gave up searching for daddy’s Noxzema face pads.
We all have our favorite skin-care products. What are some of your’s. Which one’s do you like best? Tell me below.

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