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Facebook Groups That Help Grow Your Social Media Presence

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"These Facebook Groups, Increased My Engagement & Traffic In Just A Few Months"

Growing my online presence thus far has been quite a learning experience. Luckily for me, I love learning new things so it keeps me on my feet. What I love best about growing online and multiplying my streams of income through social media is sharing everything I learn as I go.
Facebook groups I’ve found are one of the most common ways bloggers gain knowledge about blogging. Some bloggers even share knowledge within these groups, which is the perfect way to give back to the blogging community. Always always look for ways to give back.
What are best Facebook marketing strategies?
I’m not a professional but I like sharing what I learn as I learn. I found out about Canva through a Facebook group and even made a post on how it can upgrade your content. If you missed it, click here to check it out!
When growing your social media presence you MUST have patience.
When growing your social media presence you MUST be consistent.
Now this post is not blogger specific. Rather you need help growing your YouTube Channel, growing your Twitter or growing your Instagram to increase engagement to work as an Instagram Influencer. These 3 Facebook groups have a dedicated thread to help you grow each platform. For EVERYDAY of the week!
I put together a calendar with each group listed (links included), that shows what the thread will be for that day of the week –Keep in mind these threads always change. Admins & Moderators work hard on these groups to make sure they are giving us what we want. So appreciate the change 🙂
For example – Monday is Instagram Monday
The thread will ask you to:
1) Drop your IG handle
2) Follow other accounts
My advice to you is don’t complete #1 without completing #2. I always follow accounts I have a genuine interest in – Do this and you will thank me later!
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You may only get 8 REAL followers by doing this, but think about it this way …….that’s 8 new followers 4x a week. You could potentially gain 32 REAL followers a month. And that’s only from one group. Remember those two words I said in the beginning of this post? Patience and Consistency
This calendar has helped to keep me organized in so many ways. Instead of wasting useless time scrolling on Facebook (& get distracted LIKE AF) I just search for these specific groups, do my part and move on to the next.
I also listed the action I take after participating in every thread – DO NOT JUST ASK FOR A FAVOR WITHOUT RETURNING A FAVOR, NOOOOOOO DON’T DO THAT
For me – I’m growing my Instagram and my blog simultaneously. But my blog is my main squeeze. I use other social media platforms to drive traffic to my blog. Make sure you are following me on Instagram to see how I do so.
These Facebook groups are filled with like-minded active members who all have 2 goals in common, to increase engagement and grow their social media presence. Just be sure to follow the rules of each group and be respectful to the other members. Overtime your following will increase and so will your social media presence. Use these groups to ask questions and answer questions. You will be surprised by the amount of free information is out there, it’s up to you to receive it an apply it.
Do you use Facebook groups to explode your traffic? What are some of your favorite Facebook groups? Do you have your own Facebook group? How many Facebook groups are you a member of?


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