Feeling Sexy In My Little Black Dress

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“Little Black Dress”

It’s something about a LBD. They make you feel sexy, they boost your confidence level. There’s absolutely no one who can tell you anything in your little black dress.
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More than any other piece of clothing you own, the little black dress is forever a women’s go to. It’s what makes her entire wardrobe complete. She owns at least 3 maybe 4.

A Little History On The Little Black Dress

The little black dress believe it or not ended up changing the face of fashion forever. Most believe the idea originated from Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”
But the history of the “Little Black Dress” goes back even further.
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Back in the 1920’s American Vogue published a drawing done by a Parisian designer you may know as Gabrielle “Coco Chanel.” She quickly became a trendsetter in every sense of the word. Coco’s ideal little black dress was knee length, long sleeve, and flowy like. Simple yet show stopping.
Here are the 4 reasons every woman should own a little black dress
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1. Confidence Builder

Psychologists have found that what we wear has a direct impact on how we feel. It’s amazing how a dress can build your confidence. When you feel comfortable and confident, you feel happier in general. Imagine shopping at your favorite store, going through dress after dress after dress. The pink one is a bit too bright, the brown dress is a little dull and the red dress might be a little too much for your event. So what’s your go to? Mine has been and will forever be a Little Black Dress. I feel so pretty in a LBD. I’m not sure if its the color, cut or style but it’s the perfect confidence builder.

2. They Say Black Makes Us Look Slim

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Again, another confidence builder. Especially for myself. Women have always been told that wearing black makes us appear skinnier. It’s common fashion advice. Our eyes really do see dark objects as (slightly) smaller. Black hides those unwanted creases and folds in your body – aka “you’re rolls and or back fat” we all have some. Don’t be ashamed, just conceal it with a black dress. This black dress holds it all in. No spanx needed.

3. Can Be Worn During The Day & At Night

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Probably my favorite part about owning a black dress. You can wear your favorite little black dress during the day (depending on how short it is) and in most cases you can keep on the same dress for the perfect date night, or night out with your girls. The LBD is a blank canvas. You can accessorize, switch up your heels and even layer it in many unique ways. Whether you own one LBD or 13, don’t be afraid to get creative with your styling.

4. Black Looks Good On Everyone

Okay let’s face it, whether you are orange, black, white or blue—black just looks good on you. Black is elegant black is chic black meshes well with every skin color. Some may disagree, saying black is not for everyone or black is for funerals. I’ve even heard that black is boring. So not true! The Little Black Dress has been an essential piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe since the 1800s.
Little Black dress history
Every woman should have a LBD in her closet. I think it’s the foundation piece of our wardrobes. Just think how you can create a variety of looks using just one simple black dress. It’s a rule of fashion that every woman should own at least one simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
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How many little black dresses do you own? Is it more than 1? Do you believe all women look good in a LBD? Tell me your opinions in the comments below.

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    1. Great post. The LBD is always a go to and is so effortless. I’ve wondered if it’s boring myself but if you feel great – doesn’t matter! After reading this I noticed that I tend to wear it more during the day. At events I like to be flashier 🙂

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