How To Create The Best Version Of Yourself

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"Shift Your Focus From The Imperfection To The Perfection"

Everyone wants to become the best version of themselves, but few actually accomplish that goal because it takes hard work and effort and not many people want to go out of their way to do even more work (unfortunately). Even in hard times, we have the ability to still work on ourselves and improve from each difficult situation we face. This should be the main goal when it comes towards working on yourself.
There is no single formula to use when it comes to creating your best self. But it starts from within yourself and if you know that, you can channel all of your positive energy into yourself. Each day when you wake up, you can choose to become the best you, or not!
It’s %100 your choice.
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If the goal is to improve your lifestyle and you do decide to work on yourself, here are a few tips that might help you create the best version of yourself each and everyday:

You Are Who You Are Around

The phrase, you are who you are around, is always true. Huff Post says, “Your friendships, just like everything in your life, need updating. They need to be reassessed from time to time to determine if they are still working in your life. Are these friendships bringing any value to your life? Your friends should bring out the best in you. If you are surrounded by people who bring out the worst in you, then that is a serious red flag that the friendship doesn’t fit in your life. True friends are the ones that have the courage to tell you when you’re losing your way. A real friend has no problem telling you how insane you really are or how dramatic you can be. They care enough to have those difficult conversations that most people will avoid.
If you want to have greatness in your life, surround yourself with great people. If you strive to be a happy, fulfilled, honest, confident, and empowered, surround yourself with people who are the same. One of my favorite sayings is “Be the energy you want to attract”.
Is this selfish and heartless? No, it’s not so don’t even think that. Because if you are influenced negatively by someone, it will affect how you are with the people who love you. Once you allow a negative force to invade your life, you hurt yourself, which ultimately affects everyone that surrounds you. In no way am I saying to ditch the people you love. You can love these people all you want. But, selecting them to be in your immediate circle is another story.
Choose your company wisely. Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you. Your direction in life depends on it. And while you’re at it, have the courage to be a good friend to those who choose you.

Health Appointments

Your mental and physical health is extremely important when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself. Dr. Simms from Metro Decatur Dental Group PC says, “Teeth cleaning is a routine part of a dental checkup, but you may not realize how important regular teeth cleaning can be for your overall health. Medical studies have shown that good oral hygiene not only helps prevent tooth loss, but can prevent heart disease, dementia and issues of diabetes, as well.” While you may think that you are doing a great job with your brushing and flossing, there is more that goes into it.
Decatur GA
I can definitely remember my trips to the dentist every 6 months as a child. I make sure I introduce the same thing to my son. We even take trips to the dentist together now that he’s older.
A professional tooth cleaning goes beyond the gum line and can help prevent gum disease, which can lead to serious problems with bone and tooth loss, as well as other underlying medical issues. If you are in search of a new dentist, Metro Decatur Dental Group PC could be the right office for you. Located in Decatur, Georgia, this full-service dental office is dedicated to providing the most up to date general, orthodontic and family dentistry. Their clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry, accepts insurance cards, and guarantees success of treatments.

There is No Secret Trick

There is no secret magic trick that you need to use when becoming the best you. In fact, it just boils down to hard work, effort, trial and error, like I mentioned above. There are many ways to improve your happiness, which will make you a better person, and in my opinion, that is what you need to focus on. Shift your focus from the imperfections to the perfection. There are so many great things about you. But first you have to believe it. Be your biggest cheerleader, root for yourself as loud as you can.

Spread Positivity

Always spread positivity – in every single situation. If you are full of negative thoughts and feelings, everyone will be able to tell and instead of becoming the best person that you can be, you will turn into the person that nobody wants to be around. I know that in some situations, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, trust me I know. But I promise you can do it! When you spread more positivity it doesn’t only make you and other people feel better. Think about it like karma – over time you tend to get what you give.
Remember we are all just alike, getting through, doing the best that we can at this thing called life. We all make mistakes but it’s what you do with those mistakes, that’s what matters. You have to start from somewhere. If all you do is wait for the best version of yourself to happen, you’ll forever be stuck with the current version. I had to ask myself, did I like the current version?

4 thoughts on “How To Create The Best Version Of Yourself”

  1. Great tips, and they are so simple. Yet sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest things to maintain. I believe that all of your suggestions are essential; doing only some of them isn’t enough. Now I really need to book a dentist appointment!

  2. Great tips and love your writing style. Staying optimistic has helped me be more positive and see the brighter things in life. I just got Rachel Hollis book and cannot wait to begin reading it. I heard so many great things about that book!

    I believe that surrounding yourself with like minded people is important. They will uplift you and encourage you in times when you may not feel encouraged.

    Thank you for this inspiring post!

  3. i love the way you write, and this post was absolutely magic to read 🙂 so impactful. and you are gorgeous on the inside and out! xxx

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