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Reasons You Should Use Canva To Upgrade Your Content

"In A World Of Digital Marketing Canva Makes Your Life A Whole Lot Easier" is a graphic design tool used to create and publish engaging content.
Canva offers a variety of content types whether you need a Facebook post, blog graphic, eBook cover, resume, info graphic, logo, event flyer, or Instagram highlight covers the list of Canva’s resources are unlimited. In a world of digital marketing Canva makes your life a whole lot easier.
There is no affiliate program or relationship that I am aware of this is completely my honest opinion.
Canva is super easy to use, even for my not so tech-savvy readers. It was a little confusing in the beginning but after while I had zero issues.
All entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers and anyone else growing their online presence as a business should be using Canva.
It’s important to know the primary way to use Canva is to create and publish engaging content that will attract your targeted customer.

Stock photos

When I first started my blog, I didn’t have a good camera. I used my android phone for most of my photos. The shots were not that bad, but they definitely could’ve been better. Then I was introduced to stock photos. Stock photos are a group of images that people like you and I can use without getting in trouble for stealing.
The photos are taken by photographers and uploaded to multiple websites- like the ones listed below. These images bring your content to life. I don’t use many stock photos but I do use ideas to create my own. Here are two websites where you can download beautiful free stock photos. Just type what your searching for in the database and lots of quality images come up.

Is Canva Free

Many people ask “Is Canva Free?” Canva is 100% free, but there is a paid membership. Once you get inside you have the option to purchase specialized content for as low as $1.00. But overall, all the good stuff is free.

Logo creation

Everybody needs a logo. I’d say about 3 times a week one of my Facebook friends are looking for a logo creator. Canva gives you the tools to create your own logo. They even offer logo templates that can be changed to your liking. Creating logos for your friends is a easy way to make some extra money.

Create Your Own Media Kit

Looking to work with brands, you need a media kit. A media kit can be best described as a resume for your social media accounts. Brands can obtain all of your social media statistics in just a click of a button. I am actually in the process of making my very own social media kit. Once completed I will have a link to it on my Work With Me Page.
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Template Ideas

Canva has many free templates to choose from. All you have to do is go in an edit the text within the template. After you find a template you like, you can change the color or change an icon, its completely up to you. Canva offers many editing tools to help match your desired color scheme.
See Example Of A Template……..
Free Templates

Create Checklist

Checklist are perfect for organizing. I use a checklist for everything. I have a checklist for work duties, a checklist for the gym and a checklist for my blog. These checklist help me cross my t’s and dot my I’s. They help capture all they grey areas and the things you don’t think about in the midst of working. Only you know your job, only you know the things that need to be done. Download Canva and create your very own checklist.

Instagram Highlight Icons Free

Did you know that you could make your Instagram highlight covers for free? Canva offers a variety of free Instagram highlight covers. As long as you have an idea in mind, you can create custom branded highlight covers for your Instagram. Another great addition to add to your Instagram and stand out to brands.

Is Canva Easy To Use

Canva is so easy to use. I’m not even playing! Invest the time to learn how to use it. Spend your first 30 minutes clicking through every feature, play around with it, get comfortable with using it. Give it a week and you will use Canva like a pro. You’ll be happy that you did.
See A Few Examples Of Free Stock Photos……
Between the time an the money that it saves, Canva is a must have tool! Do you use Canva? What do you like best about it, tell me in the comments below.
free instagram highlight covers
Can I use canva for my blog canva for beginners how to use canva 2020
Can I use canva for my blog canva for beginners how to use canva 2020
Can I use canva for my blog canva for beginners how to use canva 2020
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