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Keeping Up That Gym Motivation

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"Working Out Is My Drug, Not Only Do You Look Good, But You Feel Good Too"

Eating and working out, completely opposites. But definitely my two favorite things to do. I work out to eat – not to be skinny
Story of my life 🙂
Keeping yourself motivated to work out is not as easy as it looks. If you’re friends with me on social media you see me constantly at the gym. I may make it look easy but most days I have no motivation to exercise.

How Can I Get Myself Motivated To Go To The Gym?

How to stay motivated to workout
I love having conversations about how to stay motivated to workout. Better yet I like to listen to other ladies workout motivation tips. This way we can share each others ideas and experiences. You just never know how another woman’s experience can inspire you to do something different. Something even better, something great!
Meet Cortney Wilson
Motivational Gym Quotes
Cortney is a wife and mother to two beautiful little girls, Elizabeth Ivy and Lillian Mae. I was so excited to link up with her for this post. Cortney has always been very open about her workout journey. Shortly after her second child she was right back in the gym. Now if that’s not gym motivation for females then what is it?
Her Instagram post are always so uplifting and inspirational. Between working, being a wife and mother, having a side business I just had to pick her brain.
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I just had to know
“What’s your secret? How do you stay motivated to workout?”
If you’re struggling on staying motivated to exercise, read on to hear more about how she does it.
how to get gym motivation

Being Examples For Her Daughters

Children do what they see us do, not what we tell them to do. How many of you heard that before? Well any parent can relate to that statement. Because it is 100% accurate. Cortney’s daughters motivate her to workout. She believes that it is important for them to see her active. Even at a young age children can understand the connection between working out and how it leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Working Out Is Her Therapy

A routine exercise plan has been linked to improving depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental health difficulties.Working out is also great for mental health. If you missed my post on building better mental health, make sure you check it out.
While drinking margaritas might be therapy for some, Cortney says exercising is definitely her therapy. After a rough day at work, going to the gym is always her go to. After an hour or so at the gym, not only do you look good but you feel good too.

Reward Yourself

Make exercising fun! Even though you haven’t reached your goal weight just yet, always remember even baby steps deserve an applause. Working out should be enjoyable, turn it into something that you look forward to. If you look forward to exercising you’ll be more motivated to keep going back. Buy yourself a new workout outfit. Try a waist trainer, splurge on your favorite pre-workout. Cortney treats herself to new workout clothes about once or twice a month.
Gym Motivation for females
“If you don’t feel like working out it’s okay to take a day or two off. Be gentle with yourself if you need a break. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. The important thing is to get back on track as soon as you can. The hardest thing to do is pick up where you left off after stopping for so long. Ya gotta look for ways that motivate YOU as a person. Whatever works just keep it going and don’t stop”
-Cortney Wilson
What in your life motivates you to workout? What in your life gives you that get up and go to the gym? How do you stay motivated to workout? What would you tell your best friend who has a hard time going to the gym?


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    Great reasons to go to the gym! When the motivation fails, you need to have self-discipline to keep yourself going to the gym to attain your goals.

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    Ok so this is totally an excuse, but I haaatte going to the gym. Lol

    I’d rather play basketball or swim, or workout at home.

    But I do have to start working out ASAP for health purposes now that I’m 30! 😂

    I think a lack of physical activity is what’s affecting my sleeping patterns.

    The funny thing is, once I start working out, I actually enjoy it.

    It’s the actual starting that I have a hard time with.

    Any tips?

    • Cheri


      Hi Diana!

      30’s is a perfect age to get started.

      Tips – You even said yourself that you enjoy it, so why not do more of what you enjoy? When I first started working out I wanted to do what everyone else did in the gym I had no plan. Watch different exercises online. Know what you want to do before you go in. I think most of all remember why you’re doing it, your health. Good luck, but you got this

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