Lets Talk About “Me Time”

"Take Yourself Out On Dates, Wine & Dine Yourself, After all You Deserve It"

Me Time & Why We Need More Of It

Going a mile a minute in life is my new normal. I’ve accepted it and there’s nothing that can be done about it. I find myself trying to keep up with my own self at times. Life is beautiful, life is full of blessings, but boy oh boy can this life be hectic! I love my child with all my heart but I’m pretty sure he is going to give me grey hair or no hair before I’m 40. I love my boyfriend, I really do but sometimes I just want him to make one decision without having to ask me 1st. We all know the benefits of socializing with friends, but sometimes I just want to be alone. I want my me time, even in a relationship.

Me Time Meaning

If life came with a manual Im sure “me time” would be on page 5. It would be in bold with red font and maybe even underlined. Do you really know the meaning of me time? It’s a life requirement. In my mind it should be a part of life for everybody. I’m sorry guys if you’re reading this but this one is for my ladies, especially us mothers. Me time is simply time spent alone, time where your child is not asking a million questions, your cell-phone is on mute better yet airplane mode, and you pretty much just press the off button on your whole social and even personal life.

Schedule Monthly Dates With Yourself

Sounds super strange I know, but go on dates with yourself. Wine and dine yourself, because you deserve it. Use this time to do something you don’t usually do. Go to a restaurant you’ve never been to. Go get a nice relaxing massage, trust me when I tell you massage therapist perform their jobs well. And if your on a budget and can’t afford it go take a walk in the park. Walking in the park and reminiscing is therapeutic and free.

Take Your Lunch Break Alone

I’ve always enjoyed taking a lunch break with a co-worker or meeting my boyfriend for lunch. I try to eat light on my lunch break, if I eat something too heavy I’m usually not any good for the rest of the day. I need a bed and I need it now! I get an hour for lunch everyday. I make plans to sit in my car for lunch at least 1 day a week. No cell phone, no radio. I just tilt my seat back, close my eyes and the only thing I hear are the surrounding cars outside.

Me Time In A Relationship - I need alone time from my boyfriend

My boyfriend is my best friend, we do everything together! When I say everything, yes I mean everything. We’ve been together for almost 7 years! Now don’t get me wrong he completes me and I love his company, but 7 years of being with someone everyday can be a little overwhelming. Yes ladies take time away from your men, it’s perfectly okay. You need that away time from your man so you can miss him. Let me explain, how will you really know the value he brings to your life if he is always present. You need to experience what it’s like to miss his company. Crazy as it sounds that’s what makes you appreciate his love.
Alone time
Time alone for yourself as a mom is important. Even if you are not a mom or a wife or a girlfriend everyone deserves time alone. You need time to de-clutter your brain and reconcile your thoughts. If you want to be the best that you can be and provide value to life or to someone else’s life you need to know your purpose. You won’t know your purpose if you don’t take the alone time to find it.
When was the last time you enjoyed alone time? Think about it, but If it takes a while to think of your answer then maybe you deserve the time now. Do something nice for yourself, October is Breast Cancer Awareness, while you should always perform breast self examinations, actually spend your alone time by going and have one performed. There are many ways you can utilize the time. Just Enjoy yourself whatever you do!
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9 thoughts on “Lets Talk About “Me Time”

  1. As someone who’s been in a relationship for over six years, I can definitely relate! I used to (and still, if I’m being honest) feel guilty about spending time away from my boyfriend, even if it’s to visit my family or catch up with friends and I know that he wouldn’t have fun if he came with me. But you’re absolutely right; that time apart brings us closer together!

    1. This is such a great read. This is something that I am still learning from the Germans. I thought I am and have been doing a lot of me time but they have a quite different art of me time. They need more time to be alone and think about more important things in their lives. They do sweet things for themselves everyday and make sure that they have time for vacations and recovery from work burnout.

  2. Oh this is so important and I think it is completely normal for a mother or spouse to just feel guilty for wanting me time but it’s what we need in most cases and I find that it truly does help no matter how long it is as long as you have a moment either in a day for just an hour to yourself and you don’t even have to do anything special besides relax or even 1 time every 2 weeks just go out and relax whether like you said a massage or get nails done or even shop by yourself. Those little moments help us in the long run! Such awesome advice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am no longer in a relationship but I was once with someone for 6 years and I must say, I wish I had seen this before so I could have given myself more Me Time haha we were literally in each others pockets so I guess that’s why we didn’t work xD

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