How Overthinking Hurts Our Mental Health

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How to stop overthinking

"I Spent Many Hours Dwelling On Thoughts, Ideas & Experiences. My Positive Thoughts Would Quickly Turn Negative. These Thoughts Sometimes Turned Into Actions"

Are You An Overthinker

Overthinking can change your entire mood, mindset and outlook on life. If I told you overthinking has been proven to lead to negative thinking would you believe me? If i told you overthinking has also been proven to lead to depression an anxiety would you believe me?
Let’s say you just had a job interview for your dream position or your ready to start your own business and work as an entrepreneur, you need a personal loan for all your start-up costs. I’m sure we’ve all been in at least one if not both of these situations.
New career- You did all of your research on this potential new employer, you’ve wanted this job for so long and you finally get the chance to interview. You show up 20 minutes before start time, you look stunning in your new outfit, so your confidence is on level 10 right now, and you even manage to answer every single question with grace. Safe to say the job is yours, because you did so well. Mrs. Smith tells you to expect to hear from human resources with 7 to 10 business days. So you wait.
Future Business Owner – You have your business plan drafted, you know your target audience, you’re just a little short on cash and need some assistance. So you apply for a small business loan. Your credit is not all that great and you have a few strikes on your credit report. But you’re eager to get the business started so you go for it an apply. Mr. White the loan officer tells you to expect to hear an answer via email within 7 to 10 business days. So you wait.
You feel confident about both situations, however doubt still resides in the back of your mind. You receive a phone call from Mrs. Smith and she wants to know have you participated in any continuing education classes related to the field, within the last 2 years? You receive a call from Mr. White asking for proof of address because there’s a red flag in the system linking to your name. Both phone calls didn’t go much into detail as to why they this information is needed, they just give you a little bit to keep you guessing, or thinking.
It’s been 5 days and you’re still wondering why they wanted to know if you’ve participated in any continuing education classes. Your livelihood depends on this job so you begin to overthink— this is how it starts. “I know I’m smart, but no I don’t have a degree, I wonder if that’s what the company is looking for? OMG! Maybe I’m not smart enough, If i dont land this opportunity will i be smart enough for another position? Dang, I knew I shoulda went to college 4 years ago, I just didn’t have the money, just like I dont have the money now to buy new tires for my car, what am I going to do, how am I going to get through life? How will I buy new tires if I don’t get this job?” Within the last 10 minutes all of these thoughts entered your mind. So now you’re mood is down, you don’t want to hang out with friends, you just want to go home and lay in the bed. You spend the rest of your night eating and drinking, only to complain about how much weight your gaining.
It’s been 5 days and you’re wondering what was that red flag was all about. You just applied for a new condo 3 days ago and you’re wondering if they are experiencing the same “red flag”. You’ve now somehow manage to convince yourself that you’re gonna be homeless because of this red flag. You wont get that condo that you’ve already put money down on. Your anxiety is at an all time high and you are now trying to think of other ways to get the start up money for your business, like a plan B. You begin to become nervous and anxious. Your even questioning your business, wondering if you should not go through with it, or maybe it’s not the right time. You don’t eat for the next two days and you get real sick because your so anxious. If you’re anything like me when you don’t eat you get migraines. Now you have a migraine, we all know those are no fun. You put yourself through all this chaos, instead of allowing things to play out. You overthink and you worry. You literally drive yourself sick. You did this to yourself.
So you see where I’m going at with this……..
You are not alone, there are a large number of people who find themselves overthinking and worrying themselves sick. Including me! But the Question is:

How To Stop Over Thinking & Relax?

How Do I Stop Over Thinking?

After reading this book written by the renowned psychologist Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, I was easily able to identify with many symptoms regarding endless-thinking that 100% describe my very own personal experience as an over thinker. It was almost like reading my very own narrative. I’ve spent many hours dwelling on thoughts, ideas and experiences. My thoughts would start off positive then quickly turn negative. Even though this book is called “Women Who Think Too Much” it can definitely help men as well. The author gives you tactics and strategies that you can use in everyday life to avoid these negative thoughts and live a more productive life.Most important she address various aspects of life that tend to be the targets of overthinking and over-analyzing.

If you can identify with any of the above text, strongly suggest that you read this book. Click below to order your copy. This is truly a life changing book. Yes, another one of those self help books!

Another #goodread2019 - Eating, Drinking, Overthinking By Susan Nolen-Hoeksema



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