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Ways To Invest Into Your Children

"Help your children live life to their fullest potential, let them do everything you didn't do. Push them to go ten times harder than you did"

Our children are the future This is something we’ve all heard many times before. Whitney Houston said it best in her song “Greatest Love of All”! Why is it important to invest in your children. Has your child ever done something that was so impressive? They wanted everyone to sit down and watch them do it over and over again. Or maybe they wrote a story in school that made the top 5 in the state? What about create his or her own instrument? Whatever skill they have it’s your job as a parent to support it. Make sure you are there to give them all the tools and resources they would need to take it to the TOP! Remember their little futures are important too. Today’s children are our scientist, teachers, and doctors. Here are 4 ways you can invest in your child.

Read With Your Children

We all like a good story to read. Find a book, article, story that interest you both. Don’t just read to your children, take turns reading. Ask each other questions about what the other person just read. This engagement is a great way to sharpen reading comprehension skills for the little ones. Make a list of good books you’ve read and even keep a list of ones you didn’t like so much. Reading is good for any growing child, it helps broaden their vocabulary and channels their inner imaginations. The next time you go shopping look for cheap children’s books, they sell them everywhere. I recommend reading 30 minutes 5 days a week.

Let Them Be Creative

Ok Mom and Dad, even if this means let them make a mess. Imagine going to a car dealership and test driving 7 cars before you make a purchase. Well, children need to test the waters also. They have to find what they like to do and what interests them. Allow them the time and space, eventually, they will come up with what works for them and what doesn’t. You as a parent need to be their cheerleader and support them with whatever they chose to peruse. Trust me after all the carpet and couch stains you will be surprised what the ending result will be.

Compliment Your Children

Children are mean to each other nowadays. They go to school and tease each other. They go outside and tease each other. The teasing and joking can make your child feel down about themselves. You need to be there to pick them up. Give him or her one compliment a day. Tell your daughter you like the hair bow she picked out for school today. Tell your son his latest Lego creation is neat. Tell your children all of the things that make them feel good about themselves because they won’t get it elsewhere. Building their confidence at a young age is vital, it starts with you.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Keep the little ones involved. Whether it is a church function, sports team, or a school organization. Keep them involved in something! Children need to know what its like to be apart of a team. They need to know the definition of sportsmanship and they just need to vibe well with others. I like to keep my son involved as much as I can. I take him to festivals, clubs, anything informative. Sure he wants to sit home and play the game all day but I won’t let that happen. During the school year, he plays the game Thursday through Sunday only!

You are your children's biggest cheerleaders!

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