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Starting A Blog For The Confused

"Why Start A Blog In 2019, Should I Wait To Start a Blog In 2020"

There’s two sides to starting your own blog. You have what I call the “technical and content publishing” side and you have the “writing and creativity” side. Most people will tell you starting a blog is super easy. For me, yes writing and being creative is easy. But as I mentioned in my last post about making money blogging with no experience, I’m no computer wiz I come with intermediate skills only. As I continue my online journey, I’m learning new things everyday (literally) an I will continue to share them as I learn.
I must say if you are not willing to put in the work and the time and the effort and the money (not much) blogging may not be your thing. Maybe start a vlog, that might be a better fit.
Why Start A Blog In 2019?
So you’re probably thinking why start a blog in 2019? The year is almost out so maybe I should wait to start a blog in 2020? Well you’re wrong, so just go ahead and start one! I followed these steps and designed my very own blog with no experience. Remember I’m just getting started like you, so we’re in this together!
Just Start Blogging Already
While we all want to work from home and earn passive income online please don’t quit your jobs YET. Learn a little first, do a bit more research. Build your way towards financial freedom. As a heads up, It will not come overnight.
When I first started my lifestyle blog I had a small debate with myself on deciding whether or not to pay lots of money upfront. I’m kind of cheap so by nature I was scared about doing something different by investing in my blog.
Ready To Start Your Own Blog?
1. Set Up Your Web Hosting
Choosing a self-hosted platform gives you full control over your most important asset (your blog) I use site-ground for many different reasons. Here is where I purchased my domain name. Your domain name is My advice to you when purchasing a domain name is to select a good one! I like mine but I’m not so sure about it for long-term. It works for now. Just being honest!
SiteGround has an awesome support team, I’m so serious when I tell you they offer impeccable customer service! Support is definitely a must have with starting a blog, especially for the confused like me.
SiteGround now has this cool new feature that automatically installs a wordpress starter plugin. This gives you pre-populated content for a beginner blogger. Sucks they didn’t have this plugin when I started my blog! It probably would have launched sooner. Remember, you don’t want a blog you want a blog! Click here to read the difference between the two.
2. Selecting Your Blog Theme
WordPress has many different themes to choose from. Which is why I love wordpress. I wanted to use them all. So I’ll be honest selecting my domain name took time. I really wanted the right theme, so I had to look at a few then 2 days later look at a few more. After day 5 I had my mind made up. I didn’t want to use a wordpress theme that was too complex. The goal at the time was simple but appealing. I decided to go with a theme called “Ashe”. Very user-friendly! (Don’t worry, you can always change the theme or upload one of your own)
There are many blogging platforms to choose from. WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, and Wix are most popular.
3. Setting Up Your Plug-ins
I was told plug-ins are like apps for your website. Did that make sense? It made sense to me. Here are the plugins you need for a successful blog. I do use other plug-ins but these are the plug-ins that got me started. Akismet Anti-Spam, Easy Google Fonts, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Instagram Feed and last but not least SG Optimizer. I will say that understanding google analytics takes time, I really don’t have a full understanding yet. But I will in due time!
4. Design Your Blog & Start Pumping Content That Your Audience Will Love
Start a blog 2019
Very Important: This for me is the most exciting part about starting my own blog. Lots of trial and error goes on here. Yes you will make mistakes, yes you will invest lots of time only to make another mistake. Yes you will get frustrated, yes your patience may seem shorter than usual, yes you are going to cry. Yes you guys, I cried many nights like a big baby. But you know what, in just a few months I’m further than I was when I first started, now if that ain’t motivation for a beginner blogger then what is? Remember to have fun, be resourceful and yes make mistakes. That’s the number one way to learn.
Web Hosting
More question about starting a blog? Did you follow similar steps in starting your own blog? If you enjoyed this post, please like, share, pin and or comment!


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