The Power Of The Word “Can’t”

"If We Say Something Often Enough, Silently In Our Hearts Or Out Loud, We Will Believe It Whether It’s True Or Not"

Our thoughts and words deeply impact what we manifest in our lives. The things that we say are the things that we train our minds to believe. When we say; ” I can’t control my appetite, so I can’t lose weight” or “I can’t go on a vacation to Italy, because I can’t afford it”. The person wanting to lose weight won’t ever take the time to learn how to lose the weight because it’s made up in their minds that they “can’t” lose weight or control their appetite. So they just simply don’t try or think about it. The person thinking about vacationing in Italy more than likely will never visit Italy. The sad thing is they won’t visit Italy not because they can’t afford it but because the said that they can’t afford it.
Our words hold a lot of weight and are extremely powerful. We can choose to use our words constructively or destructively. We can put encouraging things into the universe such as complimenting someone, telling someone to have a good day or just offering some great advice. You also have the option to spread negativity and doubt. When you tell yourself you can’t do something, the mind stops there. You don’t think about any other alternatives because you’ve convinced yourself that you can’ do it. There could be 100 ways to get it done, but because you told yourself you can’t you don’t even take the time to look into at least 1 of those ways.
Growing up I remember the word “can’t” was banned from our vocabulary. Anytime I tried to do something and it was difficult I’d get frustrated and my very first comment would be “Mama, I can’t -“. She’d stop me before I could even make a complete sentence. She would remind me that I can do it and that I could actually do any an everything I wanted to. She told me that “can’t” is never an option. So that’s what I grew up believing that cant is not an option. If can’t is never an option, then what is? That’s a question I always asked myself. It really made me think. I knew that whatever it was at the time I just needed to get it figured out. It didn’t matter how difficult it was or how long it took. In my mind I can do it, it is possible so let’s just get it done.
I use this same method with everyday life. Nothing is too big, nothing is impossible. I strongly believe If you really want to make things happen for yourself it starts with your thoughts and most importantly your words. Now that I’m a parent I try my best to instill these same thoughts into my son. If I hear him say he can’t do something, I always remind him that he can and that he can actually do any an everything he ever wants to do in life.
The next time you’re having a conversation whether it be with family or friends and they use the word “can’t” remind them that they can, they can actually do anything they want to do. People like to hear that because we all need that reassurance.


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