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The School Supply Nightmare

"Please Stop Sending Your Children To School With $150 shoes & No School Supplies"

Parents will appreciate this one! A little of topic, but before anything I am a mother 1st. Allow me to rant for a moment. Thanks in advance for listening. I am the type of mother who will provide my son with any tool necessary that will assist with his education. Just like adults as parents we must invest in our children. I will never send my child to school unprepared and not ready to learn. It shows a lack of parenting, and parents come across as not caring for the child’s education. Now while I’m not going to tell you how to raise your children, I will tell you to stop being slack.
Two weeks before school I took my son school shopping. We also went to three school supply giveaways here in our hometown. That’s one other thing I don’t understand. If there are events held that give away free supplies, why does your child still come still school without any? We went to Walmart, and Office Depot. Even though we all know Target has the best school supplies. Hands down, their sales are amazing! I just didn’t go there this time, to far of a drive. The other two stores are okay I guess, I mean these specific stores because do provide you with a school list. What’s even better is the school supply list is grade and school specific. My son for example, is in the 6th grade, so I’ll go for the list specifically for 6th graders. The list you get from these stores are very detailed and through – which I love! Whenever we go to open house he usually gets another school supply list. What burns me is the list is different from the list in Walmart and Office Depot. So now we have two different list.
On the first day of school my son is ready to go. I help him label every folder with each subject, we even write his name on everything. I also let him decorate his school supplies with sports paraphernalia. I do this to try and make it fun for him. He takes all of his supplies to school on the very first day only to come home with a 3rd school supply list.
Many years ago (not that many) when I was a student in school all we needed were the basics. We needed a few number two pencils, a few composition books, wide ruled paper and maybe a binder or two. Now these children need everything under the sun, literally. School administration will load the list up with many items to compensate for the parents who don’t buy supplies at all. Sad thing is, the same parents who are not buying school supplies are the same ones expecting the teachers to supply everything. Well it’s no secret that teachers don’t make that much money anyway so why are you depending on them to provide your children with school supplies? Instead you spend $150 plus on shoes, but wont spend $20 on school supplies.

3 Weeks In And My Son Comes Home With The 4th School Supply List --- I Blame You Parents

I would like all parents to contribute more, all parents need to play their roles and do their part. Stop expecting others to provide for the children you birthed. These teachers need more credit, they are already educating your child in ways you will never be able to. The least we can do is buy the things that they ask. However I will not provide for your children. Please do better.
Hopefully you’ll find the humor in this video. I can promise you that after watching, granted you understand what you just watched. You will never complain about school shopping again.

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