Top 4 Restaurants To Take Your Date In Savannah GA

"Keep The Flowers, Teddy Bears & Chocolate - Let's Eat"

As we all know Valentine’s Day is just 34 days away. I always talk about the time going by too fast. With blogging and pre-planning my content, it seems as though it goes by that much quicker. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m just ready for summertime. For every month that passes by, all I can picture are smoking grills, margaritas and bikinis.
I’ll be honest Valentine’s Day is not really a big deal with Lamar and I. To me it’s just a good excuse to dress up and go out to a nice dinner. I don’t expect flowers, teddy bears or candy. Not that I don’t like all that, I just rather my man spend his money on something else. Like a good dinner!
I do however, buy my son a gift every year. At 11 years old, its safe to say that I am his favorite Valentines. He wants the Valentine’s Day Jordan’s or either the Valentine’s Day Air Max. His shoe obsession is real.
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When we do get dressed for dinner we like to go somewhere nice. I prefer a classy and elegant restaurant with okay prices. We do our best to stay within our budget so nothing to crazy. We aim for big portion sizes, good quality and good price. In that order!
If the food is worth spending the money then we spend it. Everyone that knows me knows I only spend large amounts of money on three things: my hair, my purse and my food!
One of the main reasons I love Savannah Georgia is because our food selections are insane! I’m a big foodie and I’ve probably ate at every restaurant in Savannah.
Pooler, which is a growing city very close to Savannah—- over the years has built some nice places to eat as well. On every corner there’s either a place to shop or eat.
I wanted to put together a list of restaurants perfect for date night on Valentine’s Day. Whether you live in Savannah or you plan to visit Savannah in the future. I’m hoping you find this post useful in your restaurant decision making.

Top 4 Restaurants To Take Your Date On Valentines Day In Savannah Georgia

1. Belford’s Of Savannah

Belford’s is conveniently located in Savannah City Market. Serving Savannah for over 20 years, this by far is one of my favorite restaurants. The have a wide variety of wines and the customer service is always on point. Almost like Chick-Fil-A employees, everyone is super nice. Perfect for family gatherings, date nights or just hanging out with friends. Savannah Locals go here for their mouth watering steaks, but my favorite dish are the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. OMG! The best crab cakes I’ve ever had. Take your date here for Valentine’s Day, you won’t be dissapointed.
Visit Savannah
Visit Savannah

2. The Grove Savannah

The Grove will not disappoint! Well-curated menu and bar! The decor is amazing, great job to whomever decorated this restaurant. The staff are upbeat and friendly. I eat here, every chance I get. You must check out their rooftop, it’s the perfect view of Savannah’s downtown. Their dishes are unique, nothing like you’ve ever had before. They also come out quick, which is amazing! My favorite dish is “The Landry” (see picture below) You can eat with either chicken or shrimp. The shrimp taste the best! Who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s day here?
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3. Good Times Jazz & Bar Restaurant

Ready to enjoy some good Jazz music? I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Jazz fan, but when I visit Good Times Jazz & Bar- that changes immediately. I feel like this restaurant just keeps on getting better. The owner knows his audience and what they want. It’s such a laid back and relaxing atmosphere. The diversity in this restaurant is what I enjoy the most. You have people from different cultures and everyone gets along.
Another restaurant that is decorated so nicely inside. I love the candy dish they have displayed upfront. Make sure you try the Oyster Rockefeller and the bread pudding. I mean honestly every dish is so tasty. Their food presentation can not be overlooked. Plan to visit Savannah soon? You must visit Good Times Jazz & Bar Restaurant!
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4. The CO Savannah

This place is so colorful, from the food to the decor. Rather you are sharing sushi rolls with friends or enjoying a noodle bowl with your coworkers you can’t go wrong with CO Savannah. The best Asian Fusion Cuisine out there (if ya ask me) The staff are so nice and personable, they really make you feel welcomed.
I really like their Cucumber Mojito and the Thai Curry Shrimp. My two favorites! I had fun shooting in this restaurant as you can tell by the photos below. They even have a second level, perfect for a hangout spot with friends. Every time Lamar and I eat here, we make a new friend. They have these grey chairs at the bar that I am super obsessed with. Overall this is perfect for a date night. Make sure you take lots of photos!
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I had tons of fun shooting for this post. What are your favorite Restaurants In Savannah Georgia? Let me know which ones I missed. Have you been to any of the ones mentioned above, let me know in the comments.
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  1. It’s been so long, sad to say. We always booked a table at the Ole Pink House. Loved it. I will check these out when we are there this summer. We are planning a long weekend in August. Can’t wait.

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