Using Affirmations To Coach Yourself

"You Spend So Much Of Your Day Being A Coach To Someone Else But Who Coaches You"

Hi Everyone Meet Aysia! She’s here to discuss something we all need to learn more about, Affirmations. She talks about her personal experience as a mother using affirmations and how you can use them to train YOURSELF. I myself started an “I Am Affirmations List.” Lets just say I keep my list by my side at all times!
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Using Affirmations As A Motivator
As a mother it’s so easy to forget yourself in all the chaos of life. Between your children, your significant other, your job, the house; it sometimes doesn’t feel like there’s room left for you on the list. You spend so much of your day being a coach to someone else but who coaches you?
Affirmations were something I started shortly after having my son. Between being physically drained, I was also emotionally drained and I realized something had to give. My self worth was at about a whopping “0” and let’s not even talk about what I thought about my physical appearance. Using affirmations I was able to create what I needed on the outside, on the inside. In short, I was able to give myself a pep talk. And every now and then that’s exactly what we need.
Here’s My Top 3 Tips For Using Affirmations
Evaluate your area of weakness. In order to get the full effect of affirmations you have to first be aware of where you need the pick me up. Is it about your physical look, your self esteem or is it just on completing certain tasks? Whatever it is, decide on it and then begin to work.
See It, Say It – Ever heard that statement see it, say it, got it? For me, that’s how affirmations work. Not only do I have to know what my affirmation is, but then I write it down and stick it places. My mirror, my phone, the car. Wherever your place may be, give your subconscious no choice but to fall in love with this affirmation. Between both seeing it and saying it you are giving yourself a true attempt at believing these statements.
Erase All Previous Beliefs – It’s impossible to grow in the same environment. At some point something is going to have to give. From the smallest change to the biggest, there has to be some shift to give these new beliefs room to grow. For example, if you do not believe that you are pretty and these beliefs stem from the models you constantly see on Instagram, delete them. That’s right, remove them straight from your feed. This removes the temptation to think less of yourself entirely. Thus, giving the new belief that “you are beautiful outside and in”, a true space to grow.
Choosing an affirmation is never easy. They’re not always as simple as “I am beautiful”. Sometimes they cut deep beneath the surface to areas we did not even know were affected. But by being honest with ourselves on our need for growth, we can allow this transformation to happen sooner. Which in the end, gives us a true chance at change.
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Hi! I’m Aysia from I love to use affirmations and self- care to help us beat that mama funk sometimes.
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Tell me, what affirmations are you going to try today?
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