4 Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments

ways to celebrate achievement

"Looking For Creative Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments"

Accomplishments are something that should be celebrated, wouldn’t you agree?
But it seems as if we jump from one task to another so quickly most of the time that when an accomplishment does happen, we tend to skip right over it.
This is very unfortunate because I believe that taking the time to celebrate accomplishments is a very healthy step and will only allow us to move forward and achieve even greater things. I mean think about it, who wouldn’t want to celebrate themselves!

Here Are A Few Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments In Your Life:

Ways To celebrate Accomplishments

Personal Reflection

One of the healthiest ways to celebrate your personal accomplishments are to reflect on yourself and the actions that got you to where you are. Spending some alone time doing something that you love, such as learning a new hobby, can be a great way to reward yourself.
While having that alone time you need to reflect on your accomplishments. Be specific with your thoughts. Pull out your favorite journal and write everything down! Consider things such as how you achieved your success, think about the exact steps you took, where you would like to go in the future, and how you are feeling about your achievements. Yes! Even in those times you feel like your accomplishments aren’t big enough. Because they are big enough!

A Custom Nameplate or Plaque

If you are celebrating an accomplishment such as graduating college, or finding a new job, or even a job promotion a great way to celebrate yourself would be to gift yourself with custom nameplates.
I know, it sounds a bit conceited, but it really makes you feel accomplished. East Point Foundry has custom nameplates for anyone celebrating a greater achievement. Or maybe even a custom made bronze plaque in honor of someone else. Bronze plaques are highly versatile and high-quality. They have been used for hundreds of years as historical markers, decorative projects, commemorative signs, dedication signage, memorials, and never disappoints.
healthy ways to celebrate
Ways To celebrate Accomplishments
Bronze is also stronger and harder than almost any other metal and is typically able to last for decades when made up to standard. East Point Foundry custom makes their bronze plaques in-house and has been doing so since 1948.
“East Point Foundry was established in 1948, and headquartered in East Point, Georgia. We hand craft rich, high quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques for building signs, corporate facilities, donor recognition and memorials for schools, churches, and private organizations. We create an elegant permanent architectural tribute, donor recognition, or facility identification in all sizes and designs. Each hand cast plaque is a distinctive celebration of the person or place. For those that have existing plaques that are aged and worn we will refurbish your plaques to look new. In addition to our plaques we are able to custom craft bronze and aluminum ornamental pieces and reproductions.”
A nameplate or a custom-made plaque from East Point Foundry is a great way to celebrate accomplishments In addition, you know that it will definitely be high-quality and well made.

A Good Old Fashioned Party

While it is always nice to spoil yourself with rewards when you accomplish something, it’s also nice to have other people celebrate your accomplishments with you. Call up your good friends, call your family, share your good news, and invite them to a celebration in honor of YOU!
There are so many ideas. If you want to be extra fancy, you can rent out a restaurant or event room, have your party catered, or even get a DJ and dance the night away!
Too extra? Look up some cheap ways to celebrate. You can find tons on Pinterest. It doesn’t have to break the bank. The options are endless! Let’s say, you’re more of a laid back type of person, have a few close friends come over, everyone cook their favorite dish, and play a few minute-to win it games is equally (arguably, if not more) fun.
When it comes down to it, any celebration involving other people who you love is bound to be a good time and a great way to celebrate small or big wins. A lil’ party or two party never hurt nobody!

Treat Yourself

ways to celebrate small wins
Or as the youngins’ say, treat yoself! There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for hard work! A few healthy ways to celebrate accomplishments are needed occasionally. Go get a pint of your favorite type of ice cream and eat The Whole Thing.
If there is a pair of shoes that you have been dying to have, go get them. As long as you don’t go overboard (spend your entire bank account and don’t have gas in your car), a little treat as a celebration is completely deserved.
So, what do you say? Are you ready to celebrate your next accomplishment?
In the comments below, I would absolutely love to hear about some of the things that you are celebrating! Like I said, it is extremely healthy to stop and celebrate yourself and others when reaching a goal or accomplishing something big. In fact, it is absolutely necessary, so please make it a priority and consider checking out East Point Foundry when you do celebrate that something or someone special!
ways to celebrate small wins
celebrate your accomplishments
ways to celebrate small wins
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11 thoughts on “4 Ways To Celebrate Accomplishments”

  1. This feels like confirmation. This week the theme for my social media inspirational quotes posts has been believe. My post yesterday was “Check that box.” The message behind the post was to stop and celebrate your accomplishments, regardless of their magnitude. Celebrating can be as small as checking a box off or a striking the item from a To Do list. Great post and I love your idea for celebrating on a larger scale. The plaque that I got as a gift for completing my PhD is one of my prized possessions.

    1. Hey Kimberlie, I’m happy you enjoyed my post! I would love to see your inspiring post! I’m all for inspiration especially on social media. Big or small accomplishments we should celebrate them all. One of my favorite quotes “Even baby steps deserve an applause” Congrats on completing your PHD. That is amazing!!!

    1. Hi Kelly! Congrats on ten years. That is amazing!!! You are so right during these days and times ten years is a blessing! That is most definitely a huge accomplishment. Yessss throw a huge party! You both deserve it!

  2. It is so refreshing to come across this post! 2019 has been a very hectic year for me and there have been times when I’m so overwhelmed in trying to keep up with everything. I think I shall go and treat myself a french manicure and make an appointment for tomorrow! Thanks. I needed this.

    1. Hi Beth! I can so relate to this. I recently started getting my nails done again as a treat to myself! We tend to skip over self accomplishments, but once we reward ourselves we feel much better! and look better in our case 🙂

  3. Life should never be boring! We have reasons constantly to celebrate and I’m sure there’s probably some roundabout study that says the more we celebrate, the more reasons we have to celebrate. (I mean, it makes sense to me) Thanks for this!

  4. I love this list! I feel like life is so fast paced it’s easy to overlook or just not take a moment to appreciate accomplishments. I think all these things are special ways to slow down and be present and grateful about an accomplishment.

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