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Why I Stopped Paying For Shipping As An Influencer

"I Paid For Shipping One Time & Was Charged For The Next 3 Months"

Diving head first into the world of Instagram influencer marketing can be scary. With so much information out today it can be difficult to find Instagram influencer tips for beginners.
Especially in the beginning when you don’t know where to start. You have no idea who to trust, and you can’t tell the difference between genuine information vs who is looking to land a sell!
If you are ready to get your feet wet as an influencer make sure check out my last post!
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To start with, ever since Instagram emerged in 2010, brands have been trying to figure out how to best use the platform. How can they get their products out there? Most importantly how can they target a certain group of people?
That’s where Instagram influencers come to mind. What a perfect way to spread brand awareness and get your product out there?

Brands Take Advantage Of Newbies

I really hate to put it out there like that but they do. It’s true, brands prey on the weak and inexperienced.
It’s almost like a young woman going to the car dealership for services. We all know how that usually turns out.
On top of that, some brands even ask for your social security number, which in my experience is a big NO NO!

Never Pay For Shipping

Unpopular Opinion
A few influencers will disagree with this post, and that’s okay! It may not be their cup of tea.
But you should never pay to promote a brands products.
None of that “all you have to do is pay for shipping crap, or you will receive 20% off your first order crap”……….Negative, thank you next!
Think about it this way —-When brands want to advertise their products on the radio station or television network do you think the brand receives any type of compensation from the radio station or television network?
NO, its definitely the other way around.
You are doing the brand a favor by spreading brand awareness and creating content around their product and or service. That’s not easy, that takes time. Time is shmonnnneyyy!
Now I’m not saying turn down “product for post” type collaborations. Especially in the beginning because that’s the number one way to build your portfolio. But be mindful of what you say yes to.

Why I Stopped Paying For Shipping

One time I paid for shipping, not knowing. Just desperate to receive a free set of dresses, try them on and take pictures in them.
Not knowing the company was keeping my credit card information on file. The next month came and I was charged again, but this time NO FREE DRESSES.
Called the brand, no luck. Emailed the brand, no luck. I eventually had to dispute the charge with my bank. Well guess what the third month came along and the company charged me for shipping again! WTF!!!!
Finally, got someone from their customer service department to respond to my many emails. According to the brand it was in the “fine print” that I would be charged every month for shipping even if I didn’t purchase anything.

The Types Of Brand Collaborations

There are several types of brand collaborations.
You can have 100 followers with great engaging content and YES you will get approached by brands. Some will find your email and message you about an opportunity via email. Some will DM you (yes brands slide in the DM’s).
Brands will even message you under your post. I suggest staying away from the ones who spam your pictures as soon as you post. Here is an example below.
instagram influencer marketing
If you use hashtags when you post, which you should be using. One of your hashtags have triggered a BOT that responded to your picture. Not a real person unfortunately.
It’s automation! I have nothing against automation, but yea I never messaged that brand!

It's Okay To Say NO - Thank You NEXT!

Certain brands just don’t match your personal brand or don’t match your vibe. I know when you’re first starting out you want to say yes to every collaboration.
Just like I did, but once I was more niched and I found out who my target audience was, I found myself deleting some post. Not cool!
Tell me your experience, do you pay for shipping? Have you told any brands NO? Let me know in the comments!
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  • Avatar

    Morgan Tyner

    Chica…can I get an AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! I’m so glad you’ve shed some light on these very real issues. We are ALL worthy of authentic, genuine, worth-the-time brand partnerships. Each of us has a unique perspective and personality to radiate. I’m definitely pinning this! Thank you so much for this raw, needed post!
    Xx, Morgs*

  • Avatar


    Great tips & thank you for sharing them! I got loopped into a few influencer programs with several of these tactics not knowing i shouldnt & learned the hard way myself. Never again. So i wish i had known this ahead of time so i know its going to help others to know these things too!

    • Cheri


      Hi Nicole! Well look at is this way, it was a lesson learned. now you can be a voice for someone else. So much trial an error!

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