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Writing Down Your Goals

"Whether You Have A Big Goal, Like Being The CEO By The Age Of 35. Or You Have A Smaller Goal Like Losing 15 Pounds In 30 Days"

GOALS? How many of us have them? Goalssss…….
Do you have goals, do you have that one something or some things you would like to achieve during the next 45 days, 6 months or 5 years?
My guess is, yes because you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t! So congratulations to you!
My mission with this blog is to help keep my readers inspired and motivated. And YES! Goal setting is a big part of that. Goals give our lives meaning and direction. Goals also give us that get up, get out and make it happen strive. Some may call it motivation! But what’s great is, once you achieve these goals your self-esteem increases and best of all you feel accomplished. Self-accomplishment is what I liveeeeeeee for.
Goals for 2019
Everyone has a goal. Whether you have a big goal, like being the CEO by the age of 35. Or you have a smaller goal like losing 15 pounds in 30 days. A goal includes a plan and a strong commitment that will ensure a promising outcome. So no, you can’t just sit on the couch all day dreaming of owning your own business or dreaming of losing weight and call that a goal. You need to get up and put in work.

Why Is Goal Setting So Important?

Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through life with no real idea of what you want? We’ve all heard about the advantages of setting goals in our lives, yet only a small amount of people actually do it. Shocking? No not really. In reality more people should be goal oriented, but it’s the complete opposite. Goal setting forces us to think about our ideal life. The life you are meant to live! #createyourlife Goals give your life direction. They also push you towards living a more positive lifestyle. You’re more likely to walk a positive path in life because you have important goals. The best part about having goals is they help to minimize the daily distractions and obstacles of life. And if you are human, you face distractions & obstacles! What separates us is how we deal with them.

Why Write Down Your Goals, Instead Of Just Thinking About Them?


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Helps You To Remember & Stay On Track

“Outta sight, outta mind” – We’ve all heard it before. Attend a vision board class, create a goal board. If you have a goal board (with your goals listed) always in sight, how will you ever forget them? If you have them saved in your phone that you’re in everyday, how will you forget them? Study after study shows you will remember things better when you write them down. Whether you have short-term goals or long-term goals, visuals will increase the chances of you actually achieving whatever it is you set out to do. I have my goal board hanging behind the door in my bathroom. I use the bathroom every day; the board is a constant reminder of the work I need to put in.

Provides Clarity

If you are anything like me, your thoughts are all over the place. You start thinking about your goals, and then you panic because there’s just not enough time to achieve these goals. You then start to think of all the things that could go wrong. Now you’re off track. Setting goals allows you to be crystal clear with all that you want to achieve in life. You set specific goals and go after just that. Start doing exactly what you write down, and work diligently day by day. Having crystal clear goals means you will increase your chances of achieving them. Make a to-do list and work on your goals little by little. But be specific about what it is you need to work on.
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Tracks Your Progress

There’s no such thing as an impossible goal. Let me repeat that just in case the ones in the back missed it. There’s no such thing as an impossible goal. It’s important to track your progress when achieving goals. If you don’t track your progress how will you know where you are? Which goal can be marked completed, or halfway completed? Which goals require a little more time? Having goals help you remain focused. A lot of people I know fail to accomplish their goals, not because they lack the skills but because they are not focused. Tracking helps you to focus on the important things you need to do in order to move toward achieving your goals.

Motivates You To Keep Pushing

When you write down your goals your motivation to achieve them increases. Especially if you are a self-starter. If you are that person who can push YOURSELF to be the best you. Having a goal written down with a set date for accomplishment gives you something to plan and work for. Having goals that you can focus on and visualize gives you the motivational energy you need to work through periods where those distractions I talked about above show up and show out. Because trust me they will do that!
Now these steps may seem overwhelming at first, but once you find the time to go through each step, you’ll be making progress in no time. Goal setting enables you to step out of your current mindset and see new possibilities. Once you figure out your purpose in life or you’re “why” you get moving in the right direction. Turn more of your great ideas, hopes, and dreams into reality. All you have to do is write them down. Even though in your mind they seem much more secure. On paper they are much more achievable. Achieve that success you’ve been wanting faster and more efficiently with less stress by simply writing down your goals. When you achieve your goals, it’s time to celebrate, maybe a few shots of Tequila!
So excited to tell all of my readers about a personal goal of mine. Something I’ve been working on for a very long time, everyday more of the pieces are coming together!
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